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Natural Ways To Manage Colds & Flu

Once winter season arrives, colds and flu are inevitable. But a healthy diet, lifestyle choices and supplementation offers protection year-round with natural solutions that help strengthen your defences and keep you vibrant and energized.

Both colds and flu are respiratory illnesses, but each is caused by different viruses ( why anti-biotics WILL NOT HELP). Colds are milder symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, sneezing and a runny nose. Depending on which virus is the offender, a cold may also produce a headache, cough, postnasal drip, burning eyes, muscle aches or a decreased appetite . Adults may have minimal or no fever, but infants and children may often run a fever.

The flu is a much more serious and may produce symptoms such as fever, body aches, fatigue and dry cough. Most people who get the flu recover within a week, although they may have a lingering cough and tire easily for a while longer. Older people, new-born babies and people with certain chronic illnesses may be exposed longer with life threatening consequences.

Keeping the Immune System in top form is crucial. Weakened immunity, stress, exhaustion, chronic inflammation, sedentary lifestyle, overly processed/refined foods, dehydration and exposure to toxins, all result in easy exposure to viruses with resultant colds and flu.

A few simple health tips to negate this:

  1. Water: water helps eliminate toxins you can clear infections more efficiently. So super hydrate. And make sure you do your 4 – 6 weekly detox routine with the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse to rid the body of toxic waste collection from within the gut.
  1. Exercise: also helps improve toxic release out of the body and release serotonin where we naturally feel a little low in the winter season.
  1. Sleep: Deep, restorative sleep cycles are fundamental to your body’s repair process and  help regulate and strengthen your immune system. This is when most immune cells are being produced.
  1. Balanced Nutrient rich Diet of fresh fruits of the season, vegetables, good proteins (nuts, seeds and organic meats or whey’s) and minimal amounts of unprocessed foods. This increases immune activity, decreases  oxidative and free-radical damage, improves digestion, improves healthy inflammatory responses and healthy glucose & lipid metabolism results. You are only as healthy as your diet is!!
  1. Supplement: if all else fails due to lifestyle, at least do this with a 100 % Natural all-rounded Supplement with all the Essential Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and a supply of Omega as with the Imsyser range. Extra vit D 3 is always needed  in winter to counteract the minimised sun exposure and super doses of buffered vit C, especially if your body is too acidic to take in high volumes of fruit.  Extra Zinc is also the most important mineral to improve the immune function in the human body. Remember optimal immune functioning happens from within the gut so replenish with good bacteria daily. Imsyser has a liquid probiotic supply (1 +month), containing 12 strains of pre- and probiotics (and natural digestive enzymes) and does not have to be refrigerated.

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