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Natural Ways To Activate Your Body’s Healing Forces To Defeat Cancer

Natural Ways to Activate Your Bodys Healing Forces to Defeat Cancer. For your system to do this is built in. Its your own Immunity! And with the following tips you maximise Immune OUTPUT to minimise Immune auto-Immunity thereby reducing most risks in an easy simple format, good enough for all to follow daily. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE BASICS. There are many more solutions to assist in dealing with fighting Cancer but we are keeping it simple. And is that simple.

YOUR ‘LIVING LEGACY’ IS OUR FUTURE POTENTIAL as we supply the products to best assist you in this endeavor and help educate you to achieve the best and optimize your own  Immunity to best serve you in this endeavor! We here at Imsyser have the products to assist in the endeavor and will promise to keep you updated as research and info allows. Your health is our concern.

I am passionate about Life!! Life the learning curve, my learning curve. I spent too many years learning the hard way but hope to bring value to others through this learning curve. My favourite topics are health – all its facets – sharing this personally through my ministry and through my business, IMSYSER HEALTH PRODUCTS.

Cancer stats have doubled and still growing daily, the ‘trend’, the past 30 years. It is an auto-immune problem and it’s that simple. By auto-immune we mean the balance is ‘disturbed’ at Immunity level, usually as a result of modern day toxic overload.

2017 figures are scary:

  • 30 million Auto-Immune sufferers in SA
  • 9 million Cancer sufferers (9 million in SA)

This situation is unacceptable. Conventional treatments and care are expensive and not producing the results. Less than 5 % success rate over the initial 5 year post-cancer re-cooperation time period. The reason? Very seldom have we gone to the route of the problem. The most frustrating aspect is that effective alternative measures already exist. Many of them successfully treat and prevent cancer but we are blinded to these as we are brainwashed by media and big pharma and dependency on medical aids, all driven by the ‘fear factor’.


 Cancer can develop in any cell tissue in the body. Each cell has a built‐in braking system to regulate growth. If that system (your Immunity) fails, the cell becomes a runaway train of unregulated growth and these cells just continue to grow. They divide and multiply until they become their own tissue cluster that spreads throughout the body. The cell’s genetic coding goes through a change that sets the stage for them to turn cancerous. These changes are the work of some external agent:

  • Chemical exposure and toxic overload
  • Viruses and Parasite
  • Radiation of all types

Not every cell is equally susceptible to these agents. Otherwise, every cell in your body would turn cancerous. The cell itself may have an existing flaw. That would make it more likely to change.

After initiation is the promotion phase. The DNA undergoes changes and the cell becomes cancerous. There are three leading reasons why people get cancer:

  1. A weak immune system performing at sub‐optimum levels
  2. Having a poor diet or being in a chronic state of malnutrition
  3. Poor lifestyle choices that create toxic load within the body


A healthy immune system won’t guarantee that you stay cancer‐free. But it’s more likely that cancer will develop if your Immune System isn’t functioning optimally. Cancer is 100 times more likely to occur in people who are on Immune System‐suppressing drugs. The Immune System defends the body by attacking and cleaning out cancer cells. That activates white blood cells to do their job. Once a cancerous cell forms, it creates a new antigen on its surface. The Immune System doesn’t recognize it. It kicks into response mode to wipe out the threat.

Even a strong Immune System may battle with this task. Imagine if it’s already weakened. The challenge to sweep out cancerous cells is that much more difficult. The Immune System wears down for a variety of reasons. They include high levels of stress, existing illness or disease, poor diet, and lack of sleep.


 A poor diet paves the way for cell mutations. This leaves the door open for cancer cells to form. A healthy diet, on the other hand, supports the Immune System. The support comes in the form of nutrients. IT IS ALL ABOUT NUTRTION AT THE END OF THE DAY! If the diet isn’t supplying those nutrients, the body struggles to work properly. Each system within the body fights to get a share of what’s available.

If your system is already under attack by cancer, it needs way more support than usual. A diet rich in nutrient‐deficient foods can erode your health over time. About one third of the 500,000 annual cancer deaths can be partially attributed to diet. So putting it simply, natural supplementation is essential to support optimal Immune functioning since modern day foods are literally deplete of most good nutrition – the origin at soil depletion!


 Smoking is one of the lifestyle behaviours that cause cellular changes that lead to cancer.

Another risk factor is physical inactivity. Being physically active reduces your risk for developing a variety of cancers. This includes breast and colon cancers. Exercise negates the effects of other cancer risk factors. It’s important to maintain a healthy body weight. Improving digestive and elimination processes make your body work better. Regulating hormones and insulin will also help keep cancer away.

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