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Natural Supply of Energy

In modern day living the need for a natural supply of energy is crucially important to keep us going. We can depend on Vit D /the role of the sun in this regard or simply put, use an even more natural source ‘people energy’ by coming into contact with fellow beings; this has been discovered a valuable source of energy ‘leaching’ taking for granted you spend time in a positive atmosphere!! Or we need to look deeper at the route cause of this energy depletion.

We all know our adrenals are LITTLE glands with a LARGE job – they produce adrenaline ( regulating your heart beat) and other hormones, including sex hormones & crucial basic body functionalities such as blood pressure control. They also produce corticosteroids that help regulate your metabolism, immune system and sexual function. They also help keep your bones and muscles strong by secreting a powerful hormones called DHEA, a most important  crucial energy source for the body.

Your adrenal gland’s primary function is to respond to stress on your body. We are bombarded by dozens of stressors every day and your adrenals are designed to handle this unless if they become overworked, drained and then eventually non-productive. This in turn sets another hormonal imbalance into action where your thyroid glands start mal-producing with even more detrimental side effects and eventual burn out!! Adrenal imbalance has even been linked to stiff joints and aching muscles, memory lapse and trouble getting a restful night’s sleep. The Imsyser team have a couple of pointers to share:

  1. Start looking at the route cause of the problem; diminishing the stressor factors and finding better sleeping patterns.
  2. Drink enough water! You’ll be amazed at how energising water really is.
  3. Next adapt new lifestyle changes such as exercising daily and optimizing nutritional intake with good health, wholefood alternatives to junk food diets.
  4. If you find time constraints in this regard at least supplement with a daily 100 % natural supplement such as the Imsyser Tablet which not only increases  energy levels naturally but also has a natural source of sterols & sterolins to supplement our natural hormones. Imsyser has a natural supply of an amino acid , Thryptophan, a precursor that improves our feel good hormones, serotonin, naturally.
  5. We all need a daily dose of probiotics to improve the uptake of our foods and optimise the usage thereof in the body by improving gut functions. You are only as healthy as your gut health is. For this purpose we have a 12 strain liquid Imsyser Probiotic with natural digestive enzymes. Immune functioning improves and Energy increases are felt. Even weightloss might be experienced.
  6. Make sure you do a regular gut detox – Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse over 7days releases amazing waste out of the body with natural energy increases thereafter. Please  view our website for the Liver Flush – this is truly effective energy releaser of note!!
  7. And finally if all seems to fail you, ask your health advisor for a supplement of natural supply of DHEA a precursor to the upliftment of adrenal and thyroid functioning. Imsyser HO can be contacted, working in close colaberation with a natural doctor, supplying this supplement and other supplliers specialising in supplement helping these discrepencies.

Imsyser HO can be contacted @ 086 010 3859.

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