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Natural Salts Essential To Life

Natural salt is as essential to life as water. It is the carrier of a lot of the minerals when sourced from the healthy choices, like natural Himalayan salt. It may assist in:

  • Exporting nutrients to and from cells
  • Keeping blood pressure stable
  • Increasing brain cells that regulate long-term planning and creative thinking
  • Assisting the brain in communicating with the muscles.

Himalayan salt is pure and hand-mined from the Himalayan Mountains. This salt contains 84 elements found in the human body. It is useful in regulating water throughout the body, promoting healthy pH balance in cells, supporting respiratory health, promoting bone strength, supporting healthy sleep, promoting vascular health, and regulating blood pressure. Himalayan salt contains no environmental pollutants and will not contribute to high blood pressure like table salt may.

It is a natural choice to cook with, to eat and more importantly to use as an additive in your water to make your water literally COME ALIVE! I know this sounds crazy but the results are instantaneous and every time I mention water I do not just use the word ‘GOOD water’ but also add the term ‘LIVING’. And this is why.

To prepare the recipe is simple: Boil some water. Wait a minute or 2 to cool down just a little and then start adding the Himalayan salt. Slowly, whilst stirring all the time. Soon you should get to a point of saturation where the salt no longer dissolves and this is the point of saturation. Now all you do is strain the solution (if you feel the need to) and store in the fridge as a colloidal solution. This solution is then added to the water:

1 Teaspoon/1 Litre of water.

Good for all your water needs.

Increased energy results. Increased nutrition. And so much more.


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