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Natural Remedies in this time of confusion

Natural Remedies in this time of confusion. Did you know the Latin for virus is poison!!

Natural Remedies in this time of confusion. I have decided to share this good information from a fellow health professional since so many are so overwhelmed at the moment. It is not just the Wave 3 but quite simply by every imageable health or chemical solution being exposed all around us. So, first things first we are in the natural health business.

If you are wondering what you could simply do to help yourself at home deal with symptoms of Covid- 19 in the absence of professional medical care and other relevant health services, here are a few suggestions. If you choose to use natural remedies.

You must follow or adhere to the natural principles. Nature loves you, so love her back

  1. Find the cause and deal with it. Symptoms is a mere sign of an imbalance.
  2. Start with correcting wrong lifestyle habits. Long term changes.
  3. Assist nature. Appreciate her as she is your source of all this goodness.

In dealing with an enemy it’s necessary to understand the enemy.

Did you know *Virus* is a Latin word meaning *Poison*. The interesting part is that you don’t see the battle, you only feel it.  And when you complain of fever and other symptoms, you are actually explaining how your body is dealing with the enemy and what resources are being depleted  and need replacement. This is classically w Please try to relax and to worry less.

Don’t try to worry about when will this end. Because worry alone weakens your immune system. Always try to be positive. Be thankful for each day that comes, and each day that goes. Don’t count the losses, count the blessings.

Don’t bend your head in despair, lift it up in hope and expectation. Enjoy each day as it comes. here your Immunity is at play – or rather doing battle with the enemy.

Start your Journey to win the battle. This is for starters a mind choice.

Don’t let fear destroy all your good works.

  1. Start with detox! You need to have the poisons out of your system. Which is one reason why Ivermectin is so popular. There is however the Proudly SA Imsyser Parasite Cleanse made for humans:

Doing a total body detox is also advise killing all the pathogens so that your Immunity remains uncompromised from the start:

Some might prefer activated charcoal powder or bentonite clay or even natural zeolite , taking at least 4 tablespoons per day. This is slower detox. The take about 8 cups of water each day. At Imsyser we also have a green food supplement doing an amazing detox, especially good for liver health and brilliant for improved circulation while you are home bound:

Take plenty of raw vegetables. You can do a juice fast with vegetable juices for about three days. Key nutrients in the elimination of toxins known as antioxidants are Vitamins A,C,E And minerals Zinc, and Selenium. Supplements are good but should not replace food:


No one is going to drink your water for you. And no one will eat nutritious good for you. Be sure to feast on  a nourishing plant based  diet. Have the following items utilised in your meals. Nuts, Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes/ Beans. Some studies have been done on the value add of a vegan lifestyle all be it for a week or three to support best Immunity in this time. Nature has provided plenty plants* with antiviral properties or with properties that help the body fight out the viruses.

Is there anything that could address the virus itself.

It is a virus so time heals not antibiotics. Antibiotics weakens the Immunity. Colloidal silver has been used in the past to address the viruses success. Now we have Vulcan 1000 times more effective that Colloidal silver.

What about symptoms like dry cough, nodal congestion and fevers

Dry cough. 1 table spoon of each of the following, mix together and take a spoon every hour or less untill you get relief. Turmeric powder, lemon juice, honey, onion, garlic, cayenne pepper or (black pepper or ginger).

All the Herbal teas: Rosemary + sage + honey or Trigonella + ginger + Cinnamon or Mint + Rosemary + Ginger or Rosemary + Cinnamon

Nasal congestion. Salt…preferably Himalayan salt, or honey. Use your pointer finger to smear honey or salt in your nostrils/nose. Morning and evening or steam inhalation with eucalyptus. For those looking for the best activated silver Magnesium nasal spray – natural:


  1. Artemisia tea or Ginger with Trigonella or Fenugreek tea. A Russian steam bath or sauna done with caution may help as does my favourite – Hot and cold

(Contrast) baths/showers.

I hope and pray that you all get well soon.

Disclaimer: Consult your doctor or physician before you use any of the suggestions above. The information provided here is not meant to divert you from following the general guidelines provided by the ministry of health.

Please adhere to your treatment for Covid 19. Wash your hands, use a mask and keep social distance. Stay home, stay healthy and safe, as shared with love by the Imsyser Health team. For more information contact us 086 010 3859 or simply click here:

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