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Natural Remedies To Fight Parasites

Sharing News On Natural Remedies to Fight Parasites….and believe me we all have them….some foods to assist or visit for the amazing Parasite & Candida Cleanse.

Parasitic infections can be alarming not only because of their prevalence but more because of their harmful serious effects that can be life-altering. It can burden you throughout your lifetime, as it can result to heart failure, blindness, seizures, and other times death.

Thankfully, there are actually ways to kill these parasites in a cheap and natural way. Also, it’s true that prevention is better than cure, and you can surely do something to not attract them. Here,we’ve compiled some natural ingredients that you can use to create home remedies so that the parasites won’t lurk in your bodies. However, for the herbs, it;s highly recommended that you consult an expert or better yet, a doctor.

1.Garlic: Aside from the wonders that garlic can do to the flavours of our food,it also have a lot of health benefits, including getting rid of parasites like giardia and roundworms.

  1. Onion: Onion is very potent in fighting intestinal worms such as tapeworms and thread worms. Its sulfur compounds have anti-parasitic properties. Once you have diagnosed that you have intestinal parasites, drink 2 tsp.of onion juice twice a day. You can already feel an improvement after 2 weeks.
  2. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Most of the benefits of the extra virgin coconut oil are due to its natural saturated fat contents. These are also responsible for reducing internal parasites. It flushes out toxins from your system, repelling flukes and giardia. The extra virgin coconut oil is very versatile and is used in different recipes. Some like to put a few drops into their shakes and smoothies.
  3. Oregano Oil: Another oil that can be effective in combatting parasites is the oil of oregano. Simply mix it in your water and drink it up to three times a day.Some are quite appalled by the bitter taste, so they add in a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  4. Pineapple: Pineapples are not only tasty but also nutritious. Among the health benefits of pineapples is its ability to flush out certain parasitic infections like tapeworms. This is because of the bromelain content of this fruit. Bromelain is as digestive enzyme that does this job.
  5. Pomegranate Bark: The fruit and rind of the pomegranate have been used for other medicinal purposes, but when it comes to parasite cure, the bark of its tree would be the most useful. The bark has long been used to treat digestive problems like diarrhea and dysentery. Also, it is the most useful to the most cruel parasites. You can also take in pomegranate juice to kill parasites, but you will need quite a lot – up to 4 or 5 times daily.
  6. Aloe: When it comes to herbs with medicinal benefits, the aloe is among the most popular ones. It is used as remedy to different cases like burns, and it is also one of the widely-used ingredients in beauty and skin products. In addition, the aloe has purgative properties, and it helps wash down parasites.
  7. Epazote: Another herb known to help kill parasites is the epazote. It is not as well-known as the aloe as it is cultivated mostly throughout Central and South America, but it’s been used in cooking as well as in traditional healing. The natives originally ingested this herb to block and get rid of parasites like tapeworms and hookworms. It is usually and preferably taken in as tea with its leaves. Make sure that you don’t include the seeds due to its high content of toxic essential oil.
  8. Male Fern: The male fernis very potent when it comes to parasite treatment. However, because it contains a high amount of toxins, you should be careful when consuming this plant. It is highly recommended that you check with your physician first, so you will know how to properly take this. Misuse can potentially lead to death, so exercising caution is very important.
  9. Wormwood: Wormwood sounds like just one of the parasites, but it’s actually an ornamental plant that has properties that can combat other worm-type parasites such as roundworms and pin worms. Other health problems that the wormwood addresses are digestion, low libido, appetite loss, and gallbladder issues. It can be in a form ofteaoran infusion, but for the sole purpose of killing parasites, the most effective way is by consuming it as an essential oil.
  10. Almond: A significant number of fatty acids are contained in almonds. This may help aid in easing out intestinal irritation and as a result, repelling stubborn intestinal parasites.
  11. Black Walnut Tincture: The anti-parasitic effect of the black walnut tincture has been evidenced by the different studies done on the topic. This herb is an effective laxative, having the ability to purge the body of parasites. It also contains other compounds that enhance oxygen in the blood, and thus results to killing parasites.
  12. Pumpkin Seeds: pumpkin seeds are a natural anthelmintic in the digestive system. This means that they have the ability to treat parasites in the intestine. The pumpkin seeds don’t kill the worms but they aid in washing them off from our system. What they do is they paralyze the parasites, so they can easily be flushed out through digestion.
  13. Papaya Seeds: Another great seeds that can help eliminate intestinal parasites are the papaya seeds. The seeds can be consumed as they are, but they’re also great to sprinkle on your salad and other meals, and they can also be mixed in your smoothie.

You can also follow this link to Natural Herbal Remedies to view more on the Benefits of Herbal Medicine.

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