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Natural Medicine Enhances The Body’s Natural Capacity

NATURAL MEDICINE is a system of medicine that complements and enhances the body’s natural capacity, Immune System, to heal itself by restoring balance without the use of synthetic drugs or chemicals.

With natural medicine treating the whole person (as opposed to the disease process as a separate entity), promoting self care and self healing and recognising the core psychological and spiritual nature of each individual is promoted. In addition, focusing on good nutrition, lifestyle and preventive health practices is where Imsyser Health prefers to operate.


It is the optimal solution to people who are unable to take prescription drugs, either because they are allergic to them, or they cannot tolerate the long term side effects of chemical drugs and serve to health whole body as opposed to merely treating a symptom.

Natural medicine can be used in parallel with conventional therapies to improve the health of the individual and to enable the body to recover quicker.

Natural medicine broadens the public choice of remedies for common ailments and total health solutions for ongoing relief from disease.

Natural medicine has lowered side effects compared to chemical western medicine.

Natural medicine can be very cost effective as is ideally suited to primary health care and best mimics the core of ‘medicine’ since the beginning of time.

Here at Imsyser we choose to call our Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser Tablets a ‘natural medicine’ but have restrictive nomenture with latest regulations. But as a simple 100% natural product (classified as such) serves us in the same ‘power’. For more on this amazing energy releasing product call 086 010 3859 or simply click here:

Available country-wide most pharmacies.

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