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Natural Health For Summer Living

“To be one with nature again is vital – it allows inner and outer nature to blend, healing a separation that never existed in the first place.”    Deepak Chopra

Summer is usually a time of improved health – there are more daylight hours and warmer weather which inspires us to spend more time outside connecting with nature.  Each season brings with it certain positive qualities and certain challenges to our system. Summer is naturally a time of calm & enjoyment:

◾Start your morning with a dash of Aloe Vera juice (50ml) in a class of warm water, this will help to flush heat toxins from your liver. Take your first scoop of Imsyser Deeps Intestinal Cleanse for that early morning detox. Exercise and enjoy the fresh air.

◾Then massage yourself with room temperature coconut oil which nourishes and clears any heat from your skin. Shower off with luke warm water.

◾Your diet in the summer can consist of sweet (grains), bitter (salads/leafy greens), astringent (pulses) flavours and be light and easy to digest.

◾A light nourishing breakfast of a fruit, seed and nut smoothie will sustain your energy levels through the morning.  Use the Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser tablets for optimal Immune functioning and daily energising.

◾Eating lunch around noon – Green salad is good & light.

◾For supper have a light meal of basmati rice, sprouted mung beans and green leafy vegetables.  Go slow on the red meats and opt for the healthier lighter white organic meats/fish.

◾When you are thirst try drinking cool herbal teas of peppermint, licorice, fennel and chamomile.

◾Before you go to bed, especially if it has been a hot day, rub the soles of your feet with coconut or castor oil to bring all the heat down to your feet.

◾Wash your face in organic rose water and spray it in your bedroom. It is helpful to fill your home and bedroom with fragrant roses and jasmine in the summer.

◾Sleep enough.

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