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Molasses is almost an ‘old’ drug – under-rated and seldom used these days but before you think about giving yourself that massive energy boost using a toxic energy drink, consider opting for a healthy alternative – hot or cold  (you might have to dissolve it first in the hot water and cool down first) – it super charges the body and actually contains an insane amount of vitamins and minerals providing much needed essentials that most human bodies need at best. Modern day humans are nutritionally deplete at best. Even animals can be fed molasses and it is still highly affordable as a supplement.

And if you are craving that something sweet all your body is actually screaming for is magnesium. Once again why not reach for the Molasses as opposed to those toxic sweets?? If your nutritional intake is under control, as a rule you should have no cravings and since the actual depletion lies at soil level therefore within the plant and animal eating the same plant, we now have a chain reaction of total depletion where not even the ‘apple a day can keep that doctor away’!!

Supplementing is no not a nice to have but a must to have. For this purposes Imsyser has developed and researched an amazing, unique product ( Imsyser Immune System Stabliliser Tablet) that not only supplies all the ‘essentials’ that the Immune System needs to function optimally but also allows for a gentle cellular detox and thereby ensures no toxic waste is left lurking  at cellular level– our typical modern day conditions called auto-immune diseases or symptoms.

There are many such natural alternatives; why not opt for the products that allows 100 % absorption ( since it is wholefood), at best, as opposed to most chemical alternatives that only allow possible 20 % ( the rest you manage to excrete through your kidneys, a very expensive process!!) . For more on any of these unique 100 % Natural products visit the Imsyser Health Products website at or call 086 010 3859.

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