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Myco-Toxins; Endo- & Exo-Toxins and all that we cant see on the Inside!

Recent research confirms that the contamination of our food supply with fungal toxins and the related by-product, mycotoxins, is adversely affecting the sexual health of many but if bigger concern has been the effect of the unknown micro-toxic release into our health body systems adding to the toxic load. Which in turn turns the blood more “tacky” and with time, this results in many health dis-orders and more specifically the problems experienced with Covid cases where metabolic syndromes exist already.
Mould and mycotoxins are at the root of many chronic illnesses and Immune Health dysfunctions and many people are not aware of these dangers and or the dangers of Candida overgrowth or parasites as well as the many related micro-toxicity issues related to modern day health issues.  

Healing Chronic Stress & Disease

  Millions of people around the world are lacking energy and vitality they once had, and are feeling more lonely, desperate and spiritually disconnected than ever. And often the problem is mis-diagnosed when a mere imbalance in the microbiome is causal or the underlying micro-toxic load adding the existing condition and all overload on the Immune System.  

There is good news  

Tap into the wisdom of your own body, your Immune System, help restore balance and rid the body of toxicity to ensure this continued balance and with improved lifestyle and micro-nutrition the body will serve you well as it knows to do for your best optimal health and energy!   Remove Toxic Load, including parasite and micro-toxic load Improve your Microbiome Support and Balance your Immune System  

Your Body, Your Healthiest Choice  

I have no doubt that from the Vulcan Silver – reducing micro-toxicity -through to our parasite cleanse and colon cleanse – up to Immune supporting – that Imsyser has a wide arrange of the complete needs to re-establish your very best health not only during this Pandemic but for every health need going forward….

Immune support is your best defense against any virus. We are here to support you through the tough times with the Imsyser All-Natural Immune Support Remedies and Nutritional Meal replacements to improve the functioning of your Immune System. Since we may not come into contact with our customers as usual at this time, we encourage you to make use of our courier options available. Use this time as an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, love your animals as they are probably going to be the most ecstatic about this time out and most importantly to yourself! Nobody ever has time to focus on their own healing.

Now you have this opportunity.

Nourish your body, eat as healthy as possible, get outside in the sun for more vitamin D, do your home workouts for a little exercise and drink all your Immune Support supplements. One thing this pandemic is teaching us, is that your health and your family’s health should always come first; not the material things we often put too much value on. Focus on what is important and dear to you! So, Call us: We are happy to offer advice on choosing your optimal Immune Support plan 086 010 3859 or simply click here:

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