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More On Gut Health & Disease

On average most people are holding onto at least 24 hours’ worth of ‘food’ in their gut and the lower end of the gut was designed to hold a mere 6 hours’ worth. This would explain putrefaction within the gut and the resultant gas formation; the no 1 complaint of most adults visiting the pharmacy or doctor:  bloatedness after most meals!! These gases are a by-product of the putrefaction in the gut and have the potential of aiding in forcing the toxic release from within the gut wall/lining even faster back into the system or even worse, causing pocketing in the gut wall.  Bloatedness can cause tremendous pain if left unattended. If chronic constipation exists up to days’ worth could be trapped in the gut. This almost always leads to disease and cancer.

With the average SA diet consisting mostly of meat, especially the favoured new diet modules as advertised by most doctors to lose weight (without pointing a finger at any in particular) , no wonder we have a big problem! Undigested proteins provide nourishment for bacterial growth in the gut. Excessive meat eating leads to this putrefaction inclusive of nitrate and ammonia overloads in the blood. This in turn will eventually also aids in thickening of the blood and eventual  larger problems such as strokes, high blood pressure, brain dysfunctionalities and more. All from gut overload!!

A quick test to see if this is the case, is to follow up with a Live Blood Analysis for quick assessment of such. Even Iridology(measure tissue changes) confirms much of these irregularities of the gut with the resultant loss of energy and eventual spiritual decline as the person feels ‘heavier and heavier’!!

With all the processed foods as part of the average Western diet, we run the risk of  missing good nutrition and more importantly all the good oils (lecithin, natural oils & Vit. E) are removed from these foods further aggravating the putrefaction process. The gut ‘movement’ is slowed down even further with these missing oils. These missing good oils are also extremely important for correct health heart functioning, which sheds even more light on the increased heart failure problems of modern day society. So fibre up!! On the good fibres….

Remembering that gut ‘disease’  is a slow process of reduced functioning eventually leading to reduced immunity and increased cellular inflammation, so that by the time you are ‘dis-eased’ it is well down the health line for your gut health. Ideally Lifestyle changes  need to be made inclusive of mind-set changes for more positive energy to help heal the damage existing as an inflammatory negative energy throughout the body. Once this happens, the body pH has dropped, acidity set in and disease has a free hand to do the damage it intends. Absolute imbalance co-exists in these circumstances, the route cause to most diseases. It is after all about Total Balance.

The Imsyser Product range has been designed to assist in this regard. It is a 3 step Prevention/Health Kit in 3 easy steps:

  1. 7 day deep Intestinal Cleanse to rid the gut of toxic build up and waste.
  2. Daily dose of Probiotics & Natural Digestive Enzymes to Support Gut Balance & Health.
  3. Daily Natural Supplement to Support Immune Functioning & Balance for Optimal Extended Healthy Living.

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