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Midriff Weight is a warning sign!

Fat build-up in your core causes organs to have to work harder. Most people forget that the impact of such weight increase, initially seemingly that it is merely an add-on, but the tell-tale signs are long past a warning of worse ‘going’s on’ around the internal organs.  One of the even sadder state of affairs is that it is seen in younger children/people more and more and classically not just the middle ages and older.

When this happens, organs eventually start to malfunction. Younger cases are often protected by their age but this risk factor is definitely not worth it! The signs are not immediate but slowly, little signs like hormone imbalances show, excessive tiredness, chronic inflammation results and this, indirectly puts you at greater risk for cancers, especially breast, colorectal, and ovarian cancers.

Cancer signs

Colon, pancreatic, breast, and uterine cancer risks all rise with an oversized gut, starting right there in the fatty tissues, the very place where most of your toxins are stored. This might well be the very first trigger but also the first place where you look to salvage your good health. Its always an ongoing process with modern day toxicity, since we just cannot avoid the toxic environment we live in, breathe in, eat in and even think in!!    

ALWAS start by making lifestyle changes….


And this is where Imsyser Health is tops. In fact, we specialise in ensuring you bring your body into natural alignment daily with regular 100% Natural detox products that simply assist your own Immunity in doing the rest; that which it was designed to do, gently and effectively. A heavily compromised Immune System has no or very little ability to protect you or your health. It was designed to this but toxicity has compromised our inner ability to naturally do this. We need a little help:

  1. Seasonally, I suggest a 7 day deep intestinal cleanse to clean out all impacted waste in the intestinal tract; so too preparing the gut for the new season and new foods so that it may ‘work’ best to support your own good health. Absorption! Immunity but mentioning 2 basic functions where a good healthy gut is needed.
  1. Twice yearly at least try and do a parasite cleanse to remove the smallest of triggers – parasites – to many diseases. This specialist area is seldom mentioned but if you stay chronically ill – always start here!
  1. Do a liver flush to remove gall stones and or simple liver cleansing also 2 – 4 times yearly. I like to do most of these routines every season. You cannot ever be too sure about your health status.
  1. Use the Imsyser tabs which are not only a source of all your essential nutrient ‘needs’ but this unique formulation was designed to assist in removing toxic build up at cellular level, cleansing and feeding the internal system through effective internal cellular balancing, thereby also ensuring optimal Immunity.  It is all good boosting your Immunity with nutrients but with modern day toxic overload, auto-immunity is rampant and in this case an auto-immune product is crucial for ALL ages!!! Imsyser does it! Naturally!!

We are here to serve. We do it differently but once you start analyzing most disease management clinic including your cancer clinic you will see the very same procedures including regular kidney flushes, heavy metal detoxes including juicing for flushing. It’s really not that complicated,  and we are here to help. Simply call us 086 010 3859     

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