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Micro-Nutrient Support For Optimal Immune Health

Micro-Nutrient Support for Optimal Immune Health

‘For decades, physicians specialising in integrative, nutritional medicine have successfully employed a carefully planned protocol of natural micro-nutrients and antioxidants at the right time and dosage to reverse cancer in its early stages, and to deter cancer metastasis in advance stages. This is well before the antioxidant was accepted by mainstream medicine. Cancer cells exposed to a single low dose micro-nutrient showed resistance to chemo and radio-logical therapeutic agent. It was extrapolated from this experimental observation that antioxidants protect cancer cells against conventional therapy and therefore should not be used.  More recent studies using antioxidants in the appropriate high and repeated doses showed improvement in the efficacy of tumour response to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.’

Having said this it is more clear than ever for most disease prevention including the classic big ‘C’, Immune support is needed at nutrient level. For this very reason the Imsyser Immune Support tablet was designed. A natural supply of all essential nutrients, from a wholefood source, as needed to optimize Immunity and protect cells against all intrusions. But this is not the only unique advantage Imsyser has above other supplements, it is also the only product designed to optimize cellular detoxing, creating balance and stability from within. The ultimate cancer and disease prevention.

Imsyser Health Products is dedicated to the process of assisting our clients in achieving body ‘BALANCE’ by means of a simple 3 – step, 100 % Natural health product kit designed to assist in not only ‘dis-ease’ prevention but in a process of obtaining optimal Immune and Gut Health. In achieving this state of HOMEOSTASIS = BALANCE, the body may brought into alignment to assist ITSELF in maintaining GOOD health in all its functionalities, the way it was naturally designed to do. It’s that simple.

Imsyser’s Immune System Tablet Support is a modern day auto-immune product, years ahead of its time, in that it was specifically designed to not only supply all the necessary essentials needed to optimise Immune Health but assists in a gentle cellular detox, which rids the body of unnecessary cellular waste and thereby ensuring GOOD HEALTH, 100% NATURALLY. This product is 100% Natural, good for the whole family, all ages. 23 Essential Amino Acids, 11 Essential Vitamins and 11 Minerals in whole plant form for COMPLETE absorption, as well as a supply of Omega 3,6 & 9. Huge natural energy releases are one of the major benefits of this product. Nutrition = Energy!!

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