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More On METABOLISM From the Imsyser Team

Common man-made toxins found in most homes may infiltrate your body and create a storm of inflammation that messes with your appetite hormones( by blocking your own fat loss hormones) , causing you to GAIN fat, steal your energy and trigger disease. Hidden food ingredients such as genetically modified grains (GMOs), real and fake sugars, damaged fats, and artificial flavours and colours are some of many of the deadly culprits in the continual fight for optimal health and weight.

Daily stress and lack of sleep is a devastating combo that can dramatically INCREASE the levels of your own fat STORING hormone, forcing most of what you eat to turn into body fat!!

Don’t allow your body to become your own toxic waste dump; you ARE in charge of your own health. Do a regular detox with the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse( a 7 day detox routine) to ensure optimal gut cleansing and body functioning. The Imsyser team would suggest a cleanse at least every 3 months with a regular liver flush. View our website for more on this and all our incredible products. The Imsyser  Immune Stabiliser tablets ensures not only optimal immune functioning but a slow gentle detox at cellular level to keep most auto-immune conditions at bay.

For any further advice on the use of such call our officintestStabe-Imsyseres at 086 010 3859 for more help.

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