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Mental health Today

Mental health Today

Mental health Today , Immunity & Brain Health. As many schools start and everything slowly starts changing in many homes across the country, we have two concerns; best IMMUNITY & best BRAIN HEALTH. It is a real, relevant topic in today’s challenging times. 

Can the answer to “anxiety pandemic” be found in a single supplement? Probably not! But real health can be manifested through a holistic approach that includes quality sleep, good hydration, good thoughts, moderate exercise, nutrient-dense foods, and the right supplements supporting Immune and brain health.

Do not for one day think that the order in which I presented the solutions, as per the previous sentence, I have got in the wrong order of importance. Quite the opposite. They are in the perfect order, starting with sleep. And for the rest, no doubt we know what to do. Ending with nutrient rich foods and meal replacements when at home, school or at work. Supplemented at best with a good probiotic to ensure your very best absorption. Digestion maintained as with a good healthy set of Microbiome to manage all health.


Good nutrition

Then if good nutrient dense food not secured, make a nutritional shake work. Stop all the junk in the lunch box, grab a shake, quick mix and drink. Ready and prepared with your daily dose of liquid probiotic already inside. Good for best absorption and excellent for your brain.


If you are older and extra supplementing is needed, the Imsyser tabs ensures the wholefood nutritional input including all the brain food with the health omega. Rich supply in the Imsyser tabs for good brain health. Also, for all those battling with auto-immune conditions and/or ADD or worse, where a gentle cellular detox ensures that no extra chemical waste is included into the body.

Mental Health Immune support

Mental health today
Immune stabilizer tablets

There is no reason on earth to negotiate wellness in an already crippled wellness environment. It is about going back to basics with your health securing gut health first and making sure your immune support product is not just chemical additives in a joint product, but a wholefood. Sourced nutritional support, super antioxidant & rich supplement that serves you well.  At Imsyser Health we have what it takes to serve you in all these regards and more. Simply call 086 010 3859 or click here:

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