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The Health Effects Of An “Under Active” Immune System

An under active Immune System is a problem because it fails to react properly to outside invaders and infections take hold and we become ill. As a rule this was the only real problem way back. Now however…

Auto-immune Diseases

A worse modern day problem exists where the Immune System is so over-worked due to toxic overload it simply starts to fail to recognise the body’s own cells, turns on itself (auto-immune diseases), and then problems such as cancer can occur.

Our Diet, the Problem

Our diet has changed drastically over the past century and has become THE cause of disease and illness as we have replaced good old fashioned greens with animal based foods. Processed foods which didn’t exist say 50 years ago. Now they made up more than 60% of our present diet while naturally healthy vegetables and fruits provide less than 5% of our daily energy. The food we eat influences our health and, in reality, affects our actual DNA and is the leading cause of the rampant rise in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia and obesity. It’s possible to prevent and even reverse the damage from a poor dietary lifestyle by eating naturally high nutrient density foods.

Immune Responses

Also, modern food manufacturing techniques have removed most of the nutrition from the processed foods. Vitamins, minerals and a host of essential nutrients provide the fuel we need to neutralise free radicals, facilitate DNA repair, counteract carcinogens and provide an effective immune response. After decades of nutrient deficiency, our natural reserves are depleted and the stage is set for the onset of chronic disease often leading to a shortened lifespan.

Our Children

Many children are fed a diet of processed junk food from an early age and they quickly develop a taste for salty, sugared and fried foods. The instinct to eat vegetables, fruits and meats in their natural form is erased as their taste buds become satiated with a refined diet using artificially manufactured chemicals which are more pleasing to the taste. In fact, this has been engineered with the use of preservatives  and flavourants that literally create ‘cravings’ for these additives.

And we wonder why we are so ill. And even worse our kids are battling at school.


It is time we chose to repair this imbalance. Yes, it is a lifestyle choice but we are totally dependent on extra nutritional support from supplements otherwise we become part of the modern day statistics as mentioned above. And with modern day toxic overload we just cannot afford this health risk.

Imsyser tablets to the rescue!!! A modern-day disease fighting (100% Natural Immune support with all the essentials needed to support good Immune health), and an auto-immune product assisting in a gentle cellular detox, just enough to assist in allowing for toxic overload not to be the causal factor to dis-ease forming. This products will assist in a natural energy boost; just another positive outcome after modern day fatigue has got the better of us.

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