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Stressful times such as Covid-19 Pandemics

Everyone seems to have a miracle cure or supplement for every condition but what we really need to realise is the importance of homeostasis;  balance and stability of the body, for your very best health going forward and more importantly during stressful times such as Covid-19 Pandemics. This is where our pH plays a huge role.

The role of your pH

The body’s pH balance is a vital component of this balance, and a diet, usually plant-based sustained by enough good water, is the one that promotes such. Of crucial importance is and will always be the need to be drinking enough good healthy mineralised water (preferably with lemon juice) to improve this alkalinity in the body. Our generation is not only ‘dehydrated’ at gut and cellular level affecting all our health especially brain health but also nutritionally deplete(even if we might be suffering from obesity or similar!!) and we wonder why we battle to achieve any state of homeostasis! Not only this homeostasis but all functions from brain functioning to core basics. It is just not possible to achieve this balance without these two extremely important factors in place.

The Diet

A well-balanced diet contains fresh fruits and veggies (2/3 of the plate proportionally) one that is low in grains (especially GM grains), toxic processed foods, sugars and meats. This is a general measure put into place to assist the body to maintain optimal health. It is our daily choices that make all the difference, not grabbing the quick fixes for a ‘feel good’ experience or the ever so ready food on the run. We know that an alkaline body is connected to all health benefits fighting chronic illness, the study showed that eating foods high on the pH scale not only reduces the risk of dying from these diseases, but becoming sick by them in the first place.

And on this note, if your meal is not supplying this very basic need which it most likely can’t since our soil and therefore our foods have been stripped of all the very best ‘good’ nutrition it has to offer; ensure your very best wholefood supplement is added to your daily intake to make-up for the deficit:

The body prioritizes its actions, and at the top of the priority list is maintaining an alkaline blood level. When pH levels fall too low, we become acidic, metabolic acidosis sets in, and this in itself is a very serious health problem. It has also proven to be the one fatal link to early or most likely deaths during the Covid-19 Pandemic all over Europe before the rest of the world could take note!

Once metabolic acidosis sets in issues including the kidneys or liver failing to detoxify the body properly result, unregulated diabetes and cancers take over and a simple process of thickened or coagulated blood results which we now know is fatal.

With a diet high in acid or acid-producing foods, stress or similar affects our body in a negative way and we run into problems. And the body, and because the body’s priority is homeostasis, it will “borrow” from other stores in order to regain balance. This constant give and take can wear on the body systems, which weakens systems, compromises the Immunity and makes us susceptible to chronic illness. Chronic diseases as we also know keeps you at risk all year round not just Winter or Covid-19 time!!!

When this balance is disrupted, the microbial life in the gut is highly affected, and when this happens all hell ‘literally’ breaks loose. You are only as healthy as your gut health is and the importance of maintaining this balance is yours! Fact – you are determined by your very best microbiome!!! And once again, you will more than likely have to supplement to complement that which Mother Nature used to give you:

Gut health remains more crucial than ever right now!

We have already mentioned the extreme importance of the very best probiotic for your very best gut health. Then, look at your ‘lifestyle’ – most of us really battle in this area – it remains a choice, food choices……by now we know what we shouldn’t eat and choosing your healthiest choices from Mother Nature remains core.

At the end of the day an efficient, effective Immune System also brings a reduction of inflammation, prevents disease and restore imbalances. The Imsyser range of products was designed to support this need; supporting good gut health:

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