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Looking back 6 months…

Corona virus Disease 2019

Looking back on the last not just 100 days but the last 6 months since Covid-19 hit us internationally has been a roller coaster of note. Of emotions. Of business. Of life. Of facts. COVID-19 is an acronym for Corona virus Disease 2019. While COVID-19 is a new virus that has not been seen before in humans, diseases caused by the corona virus family have been with us for years. This new virus is also referred to as SARS-CoV-2 based on the history of similar type pandemics in the past. And it is potentially lethal let’s not deny that.

COVID-19 is spread through person-to-person contact, most commonly by way of respiratory droplets – which can be dispelled into the environment through coughing or sneezing. Exposure may also occur through contact with contaminated surfaces. COVID-19 is highly transmissible. Making the disease even more dangerous is the fact that it can be spread by asymptomatic carriers – people with symptoms that are absent or very mild. Typical COVID-19 symptoms include shortness of breath, fever and cough.

Most people who develop COVID-19 recover completely but it is that 0.01 % usually the health compromised and the older folk, over 60 years of age, that take the knock – usually also those with underlying medical conditions are hugely at risk when severe illnesses, especially chronic lung diseases, moderate to severe asthma, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, obesity, compromised immunity and serious heart conditions, are pre-existing.

We have heard it’s all about Immunity and undeniably it is so – Immunity from the lifestyle issues through to managing the toxicity within the body, both areas where the natural product range of the Imsyser Health come into play, strengthening the Immune System to preventing attack at the front-line (by gargling with your very best liquid probiotic); dealing of toxic load (various detox products helping clean up the body) to our latest anti-viral product (Vulcan Silver), clearing all level of micro-toxicity with the latest of nano-technology using silver to penetrate all barriers and help clear infection and or inflammation that eventually triggers blood coagulation and an array of complications when immunity is already compromised.

Imsyser has also made itself visible countrywide in most pharma and health outlets on our core flagship range and then of course we have a further array of health product for your every need available online to support Immunity and help detox or heal naturally.

More recently we outsourced our flagship range to our affiliated online specialists to help distribution for the older, more compromised people and more fragile in our old age homes as well as retirement centres so that they too would have easy access as a group to this amazing product range.

We all know as the older folk get older they hate popping pills as they already are taking a handful but when you have a fully compliant, Immune boosting probiotic that not only does all the healthy good gut work for them but helps with all their preventative Covid-19 measures, simply adding a tot of the Imsyser Probiotic liquid to a little water and or juice for their daily protection seems a no-brainer. Of course, for those that can, I always say gargle first, preferably morning and night and then swallow for your ultimate protection.

And by the way this is the same type of simple advice we give all the mommies for their children, including mom and dad!!

We have listed with EDNA MEDICAL SUPPLIERS who supply all other needs for handicapped to retirement needs. So simply call 012 335 8104 or the Imsyser head office 086 010 3859 for your very best advice on your most natural approach to Immunity optimizing for Covid prevention: 086 010 3859 or click here:

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