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Your very best Energy levels

Looking at various health issues where we looked at Acne & skin issues in our previous blogs, as well as Multiple Sclerosis as affected by the use of a good Probiotic; today we deal with securing your very best Energy levels going forward. And do believe there is not one person that would not pay attention to this key word – ENERGY….

Going back to basics in understanding how all health fits together… starting with Gut health.

When you think of probiotics, you only think of gut health… but keeping your gut is merely the beginning of what these little organisms can do for you all the way from your oral health and your throat health (if you have a really good liquid probiotic like the imsyser brand), to your gut health, to your vaginal health and everything in-between, including all your hormone activity as well as the greatest issue for most, your weight issues. To put it more simply, probiotics are live-giving and ‘essentially’ needed amidst modern-day toxicity and where natural sources have been depleted from our soils!

More about your Microbiome

Your Microbiome – the collection of 100 trillion microscopic organisms that live in and on your body,  can’t be seen by the naked eye yet they play a MAJOR role in all; and sadly so have only more recently been given the value add to all aspects of our health in more recent studies. They are everywhere :– eco- & bio- friendly bacteria living all over and in your body that are crucial to living. One thing is for sure: no two people have an identical microbiome – not even identical twins. Each person’s microbiome is 100% unique to them and finding your natural ‘tweak’ to establish your natural balance is the simple answer to most of your health issues.

Dealing with Your Very Best Energy Levels

Everything is energy. You need it to feel good; to perform well on every level – pretty much, it’s the output of that which you have put into your system.  And most importantly it’s that which  determines and drives the strength of your Immunity. And, yes, of course, right now, that is what is most important!!

Why is this important?

Energy is life-giving. So, if there is anything that is going to slow down of stop the process, it needs to be dealt with. From poor food supplies to toxic over-flow, to ensuring your best microbiome, is all part of the well-synced process of “live-giving”.   

If your body is using all its precious energy fighting to remove toxins—your Immunity will break down – so support it with the Imsyser Health range that specialises in this type of natural detoxing treatment. Toxins slow your metabolism… age you faster… fog up your brain… wreck your sleep… and cause chronic issues.

Keep in mind: most detox approaches deal with specific organs — liver, colon, and so on— but aren’t effective until removed DAILY AT A CELLULAR LEVEL. Once again, revert to the Imsyser range to zoom in on the “organ” and cellular detoxing with our natural range of products for your very best Immune support and energy release going forward.

Optimising Nutrition is the next factor

If your food supply is compromised, be it by choice, or simply compromised food source, it is necessary to supplement. Once again, the Imsyser range has the best wholefood sourced supplement around for more that 15 years. Nutrition is core. But so too, without your very best microbiome (good bacteria and enzyme) support, nutrition is devalued, in an already compromised gut and or a less than optimised microbiome.

Imsyser Probiotic to the rescue.

It’s not just the fact that we have 12 strains of pre and probiotics. But the unique live, liquid formulation including all the soil strains for your best microbiome support.

It’s also not the fact that we have a liquid probiotic working all the way from the mouth to the gut. It is the unique formulation that does all the natural balancing when the actual product suffices to all our needs – prebiotic, probiotic and digestive enzymes to secure natural balancing and healing.

The Imsyser Probiotic has been around for more than 12 years – available countrywide in all leading outlets – affordable since the 500 ml allows a month’s supply and stands out far above the rest for many more reasons than those mentioned above.

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