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The focus point of this program is to secrete as much toxins, fat, cholesterol, bile and bile crystals in the gut and to pass it out of the body. In order to prepare the liver for the flush, you need to cut out the following foods for about ten (10) days:

The total detox last about 17-19 hours and is a very anti-social program, plan to be close to a toilet at all times during the program. You will not be able to go to work, while you do the flush. You need to buy the following: a non-acidic Vit. C (C-Comp), Epson Salts, Grapefruit or when out of season, you can buy lemon, Olive Oil, and the probiotic – Imsyser Probiotics. Eat a normal low fat lunch and prepare to be at home and ready to start.

18h00             STEP 1: Take a 1000mg Vit. C and 1 Desert spoon of Epson salts, with a glass of water.

20h00             STEP 2: Repeat the above. By this time your stomach will make a lot of noises and will start with watery stools.

22h00             STEP 3: Mix a glass of Grapefruit or lemon juice with half a cup of Olive Oil and drink. Go to bed, if you find it difficult to sleep,    you are allowed to take sleeping tablet or a natural sleeping remedy.

06h00             Repeat Step 1 Your stomach will wake you up by now

08h00             Repeat step 2

10h00             Repeat step 3

11h00             Take 70 ml of Imsyser Probiotics to stop the loose stools effect of the Epson salts

12h00             Eat an apple to elevate the blood sugar level

13h00             Eat a big bowl of salad of your choice and or a vegetable soup, you may follow now you normal or prescribed diet or life style plan.

This program can be repeated every three months or as indicated by you Health Care Professional.

You must have a flash light ready to look at the change in color of the stools as the program progresses.

Phase 1:        Brown watery stools

Phase 2:        Green (bile) even crystals up to the size of a green pea. That is bile

crystals that blocked the ducts in the liver to suppress liver function.

Phase 3:        White or beige color is cholesterol and fat that accumulated in the liver and gut lining.

Report these changes to your Health Care professional, for it is important information

on how successful the flush was on your liver.

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