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Liver Detox

The liver is one of the more important organs necessary for detoxification and if not cleansed regularly the end result is simply poor health and lack of energy.

Detoxification is a gentle ongoing process of not only cleansing the gut ( see the amazing Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse on our website for more on this product) but also the liver and kidneys ( see the same website for more on a couple of complementary products also available on this website). It means ‘purifying’ the wrong intake by eliminating the unhealthy foods from your diet and drinking enough GOOD healthy living water daily. We can never over emphasize the importance of  drinking water and preferably with  good dose of lemon juice to complement the need for a healthy pH as well. Once all these systems are in place the benefits can be reaped and they are undeniably worth it!!

Waste is removed through the digestive tract but the blood filters through the kidneys and liver, ensuring waste removal especially the fine metabolic waste with the typical meat-laden SA Diet Style. Proteins are broken down into uric acid, urea, nitrates and ammonia and these all lead to your typical heart related illnesses such as heart attacks, High Blood Pressure and of course other problems such as Strokes if this waste is not removed. Toxins and pollutants are everywhere and if the body remains taxed, something has to give in the long run!!

Headaches, joint pains are but a few of the typical warning signs. Most of the time we camouflage these with tablets and are quite typically completely unaware of the fact that we are time bombs waiting to happen. It is about a lifestyle and should not even be seen as a ‘detox’. If the detox is required it is important to up the intake of good 100% natural supplements to ensure optimal uptake and balance is maintained (Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser Tablet was designed for a gentle detox at cellular level but also ensure optimal essential nutrients as needed by the Immune System).

Up the healthy natural produce with the bitter tasting vegetables like rocket and /or fruit such as grapefruit to stimulate the liver to produce bile to breakdown fatty foods; use diuretic foods such as cucumbers, melons and watermelons to help elimination by increased urination. Parsley is an amazing kidney flush and oat bran a fibre rich foods assisting ‘breakfast fullness’ and cholesterol breakdown. Always where possible opt for vegetable juices and fresh fruit and when all dietary needs are met ensure a healthy liver functioning with the use of milk thistle to build and condition the  liver. The gut merely needs a daily dose of probiotics for its optimal conditioning ( also see the amazing 12 Strain liquid Imsyser Probiotic on our website) .

For further detox results take a good chelation agent to ensure the detox of any potential metals and slowly feel the resultant body fall into place and energy levels be restored.

Life is Energy but so too Energy is Life!!!

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