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How Your Liver Affects YOUR Health

How YOUR liver affects YOUR health.

The liver is key to detoxification. Nutrients from our diets are processed for the body to use whilst toxic substances are removed and rendered harmless as they pass out of the body.  When your liver is compromised and toxic overload develops, all health is impacted. Your gut functioning is compromised which in turns affects all health from emotional health to every other facet of health. In turn energy levels drop, you feel terrible and the compromised Immunity relates or results in many other symptoms often seemingly unrelated but on close testing very often the turn of events is as mentioned. And as the saying always goes with the Imsyser team – get back to basics!! When you do this as a rule all health falls into place when core issues are dealt with.

When your liver becomes overloaded with toxins, from processed foods, prescription drugs, alcohol, pollution, sugar, stress hormones, etc. it can push your body into survival mode and metabolism slow-down, Immunity drops, and weight adds on since your liver and thyroid work together. In overload:

  • Weight gain happens
  • Abdominal bloating results
  • Poor digestion results
  • Skin issues, such as breakouts or dry/itchy skin
  • Moodiness, irritability is prominent
  • Low energy results
  • Poor blood sugar regulation
  • Sleep disturbances occur
  • Inability to lose weight or maintain an elevated metabolic rate

And then we are not even mentioning the affiliated health issues when gut functioning is compromised. A double ‘whammy’ on your Immunity.  And we wonder why we feel so terribly ill half the time and at a loss of energy most of the time. And then we are not mentioning modern day man’s inability to control weight issues.

We here at Imsyser intend to educate, serve and supply the ultimate range of products to best facilitate health through prevention and then management from the gut and Immunity perspective. Always start here. But if it is simply a good liver flush you need merely go to and follow a very simple instruction of how to do this simply overnight. The results are amazing.

I always suggest at least a 2-3 month cleanse of all organs; liver, kidneys, gut, parasites and heavy metals etc. This seasonal flush gets rid of all impacted waste that eventually becomes your own dumping place but more importantly clears the way for optimal functioning on all levels to not only improve ALL health but ultimately improve ENERGY levels and optimise Immunity.

Core issues!! For more simply call 086 010 3859 or click here:

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