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The Link Between Gut Bacteria And Cancer

The crucial role of gut bacteria and the link between such and Cancer cannot be over-emphasised!

And it’s not just a numbers thing with your pro-biotics as has been marketed for years( billions of trillions of ‘xyzzy’ types of good bacteria) but more importantly the diversity of the bacteria found and replaced as in the gut, which can often make the difference between health and disease.

Understanding Good Bacteria

Good bacteria are crucial but, so too controlling the bad bacteria, and this symbiosis can only be managed when a full spectrum of pre-biotics and pro-biotics are implemented in the supplementation programme DAILY! Yes DAILY. If you do not assist the gut with a cocktail of this nature by having pre-biotics as well, many of the so called millions of probiotics just die off as there is no food for them to continue their existence and/or work in the gut. This is when all chaos results, and more importantly no results are obtained with effective beneficial long-term input into the gut. The full spectrum of good bacteria is needed to communicate with the brain to put the whole ‘army of Immunity soldiers’ at work and keep the fine balance between messaging between the brain and gut. This messaging in turn regulates weight issues, hormones, energy levels, gut performance and a host of other crucial activities.

The Role of Gut Bacteria

At one time, the role of gut bacteria in human health was marginalized as a side note that health experts found interesting but not integral. But as more and more research has made clear, the number and diversity of bacteria in the gut can often make the difference between health and disease. Two new studies have found that gut bacteria can also determine the effectiveness of the treatments that are used to fight cancer and most modern day auto-immune discrepancies, forcing doctors to take a closer look at the lessons they can learn from this once overlooked aspect of human health.

Imsyser to the Rescue

Imsyser 12 STRAIN liquid probiotics (AND PREBIOTICS AS WELL AS DIGSTIVE ENZYMES) is based on a unique combination of effective beneficial bacteria that enables your body to function to its fullest potential. The product is 100 % Natural and Nappi-coded; available country-wide.


Various testimonials have been received adding value to the lives of not just those battling with health issues but general good health and various digestive issues. For any perfect balance (gut and general health) we will have to follow the modern-day trend of supplementing with probiotics to further our health. If you consider that for every cell there is 10 bacteria in the human body (about 25 billion+) we had better consider the good health of these good guys in our gut!!

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