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Let’s talk about Wine today…

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It has more than likely been a “wineless” winter this year since most alcohol sales were closed over lock-down and given many of us time to process many a ‘higher thought’ about health and life itself. Wine has been around since the beginning of time when pressing of grapes realised into wine making. Yes, many of us wonder on the wine produced in these Biblical times  and especially the taste and or alcohol content in this regard, as compared to all the wine making progresses continuously being made with new and latest trends world-wide.

And one of the few drinks for the more health conscious remains the red wine for its particular health advantages in the redness (flavonoids) of the grapes or for those choosing to lose weight, the lighter white wines. But in a toxic world environment and the latest information available on the of many of our wines, be it not all of them, there leaves much to ponder on when making choices going forward.   

There are two main types of wine: commercial wines and natural wines. Most wines in the stores are commercial. They’re made with dyes, thickeners, flavouring, and more than 70 other government approved additives! Because alcohol is regulated differently from other food, wine companies are not required to put an ingredients label on bottles, so you’d never know what’s really in your wine:

Commercial Wines:

•          Wines are high in sugar and alcohol.

•          Vineyards are overwhelmingly farmed with pesticides and herbicides; poor soils etc.

•          Most wines in the world are fermented with yeast that is made in a lab, not naturally.

Natural Wines:

•          Very little sugar: less than 0.15 grams per glass.

•          Regenerative Farming: No pesticides, herbicides , and or worse.

•          Lower Alcohol – usually less than 12.5% alcohol.

•          No Additives: no lab made and/or industrial chemicals

Wines are a personal preference but choosing one closest too ‘less chemical’ remains the question. In these times this remains the choice too make going forward. If not, at least make sure your regular detoxes are done as with the products range available in the Imsyser range too ensure your very best balance and health is maintained. Simply call us for more on these amazing products 086 010 3859 or click here:

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