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Let’s Talk about a Liver Detox

Detox process

Part of the detox process takes place in the liver, that is after the gut, cellular level detoxing, kidneys flushing and the skin sweating; but the liver remains your number one detox organ. It helps the body get rid of hormones, pharmaceutical drugs, environmental chemicals, heavy metals, and other poisons that age the body and chase up the metabolic syndrome potential. Many people don’t know this and very seldom pay attention to their liver thinking it is good enough not drinking too much;   which is why all hell breaks loose when fatty liver issues and or energy loss issues, years later, manifest; and by then, much damage has already resulted.

Both the gut and liver are your body’s primary defence team. They protect you against invading pathogens, rogue bacteria, dietary irritants, and outside toxins. When unwelcome microorganisms in the body manage to work their way past the gut’s defences, the liver is on clean-up duty.

So regular 6-8 weekly or at least seasonal deep intestinal cleanses are required.

And at least 4-6 yearly liver flushes required for your very best health support through regular detoxing.

Added Toxicity

Toxic Candida can make it almost impossible to detoxify your body; and with all honest Candida is almost a pandemic in almost all ages these days. So, in this case, we have not only toxicity issues but compromised conditions adding to the problem and we wonder why people stay so sick. During a cleanse, it’s critical to control Candida overgrowth by healing the gut lining, while also supporting liver health and ensuring heavy metals are dealt with at least yearly.

These are crucial health issues  

  • Candida albicans is an aggressive fungus that is commonly found in the mouth, intestines, and birth canal of healthy people.
  • Candida feeds out of a weakened Immune defence system.
  • Candida overgrowth feeds during stress conditions
  • Candida loves antibiotics, knocking our Immunity down creating an open door
  • Candida feeds off sugar
  • Candida overgrowth can show up in just about every tissue in the human body and it is toxic as well as potentially precancerous.
  • Studies show that Candida produces massive amounts of a poison called acetaldehyde; also a  by-product of alcohol metabolism, compromising your liver and brain leading to headaches, sensitivity to light and sound, and even feelings of depression or anxiety.
  • The Toxic Effects of Acetaldehyde is also a powerful carcinogen.
  • Acetaldehyde directly affects the DNA in our cells and this is the cancer causing effect.
  • Acetaldehyde binds to DNA in brain tissue. An accumulation of acetaldehyde has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease, oxidative stress and damaged DNA.
  • Candida Increases Leaky Gut Potential; Acetaldehyde can directly increase gut permeability,   interacting with inflammatory signalling.
  • Chronic alcohol exposure or the exposure of Acetaldehyde changes the balance of bacteria in your inner ecosystem, feeding bad bacterial overgrowth and makes your gut leaky.
  • Alcohol is associated with both a leaky gut and the movement of bacteria.

In a Nutshell

Not only does the liver need to process the acetaldehyde from alcohol, it must also process the acetaldehyde produced by Candida. And remember, whatever gets past the lining of the gut is extra work for the liver. So, control of Candida is crucial for better liver health

Liver cleanse Recipe

Deep intestinal Cleanse

Support your liver with the best daily Probiotic that also manages Candida. Beneficial bacteria soothe inflammation and compete with Candida for nutrients. Supporting your liver is extremely important when planning a detox:

And if heavy metals exist:

Bitly Chaya XXXXX

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