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Let’s Operate On The Problem Instead Of The Body


Most people don’t keep their bodies clean; don’t know how to keep them clean. Cleanliness can begin in many ways but we can’t put new wine in old wine-skins and this is a Biblical saying dating back thousands of years. We can’t put clean food into a dirty body and expect good results. We’re only going to get partial, perhaps even negligible results. We have to do better than that. We have been trained to believe that if the bowel isn’t functioning correctly we can turn to laxatives. Just about 1/3 people seems to be constipated or has bowel trouble. When the children used to get sick, what did grandmother suggest? An enema of course. Grandma and grandpa used sulphur and molasses, and they had many other ways to take care of the bowel. But we find that laxatives are not the solution to bowel problems. We have to go deeper.


We must realise that the bowel has the poorest nerve structure of any organ in the body. Having the poorest nerve structure, the bowel can’t signal its problems. If you get a little pinprick on the finger you immediately pull away from the pain that causes the distress. But there are no painful distress signals in the bowel because it has such poor nerve reactions and nerve supplies.

Where there is a problem in the bowel, and you feel it, you are really in trouble. You must recognise that the average person doesn’t take care of the bowel until the very last thing.

Studies have proven that this should be our FIRST line of defence and not the last. It all starts in the gut!! Imsyser to the rescue!!


Imsyser Health Products is a health team with its affiliated products dedicated to the process of achieving ‘BALANCE” by means of a simple 3 step, 3 product kit designed to assist in not only ‘dis-ease’ prevention but a process of obtaining optimal Immune and Gut Health by assisting in the process of achieving HOMEOSTASIS = BALANCE so that the body may assist ITSELF in maintaining GOOD health in all its functionalities. It’s that simple.

Step 1: Deep Intestinal Cleanse to rid the body of waste and toxins. This is the preparation step. Do it regularly to ensure YOU are NOT the toxic dumping place in your own intestines!!! A 7 day detox programme with no gut changes other good excretion. May also be taken daily as a fibre bulking agent with no harmful changes in gut behaviour. Seeing is believing (see attached pic) what is removed over time. If this is lining your gut nothing penetrates (good nutrition) nor waste out!!

Step 2: Pre&Probiotics to ensure good maintenance of the Gut health daily and thereby also assisting optimal Immune health is ensured. This is a uniquely designed 12 STRAIN liquid probiotic (500 ml; once opened lasts 1 – 2 months) with a symbiotic relationship of the prebiotics and digestive enzymes needed to assist & mimic natural gut behaviour. Can be taken as is or in a little juice. Works from the mouth all the way through to the lowest end of gut, where most probiotics in tablet form do not even work. These common probiotics as found in pharmacies cannot be dried-freezed to go into a tablet or capsule form. Therefore Imsyser is a truly amazing product, unique in its design, and instantly effective solution to 100 % probiotic support for gut (and Immune) health.

Gut health is optimised. Health follows and then simply allow the Immune system some healing with the 3rd step: an Immune stabilising tablet.

Simply put this natural product range is the root to ridding the body of most start inflammatory diseases and ill health resulting from this point.

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