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Let Your Medicine Be Your Food And Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

So much emphasis is placed on supplements (and we really do need them because let’s face it our food sources are nutritionally deplete !!) but ultimately choosing the right one is of crucial importance . “Let Your Supplement Be Your Medicine” should be my subject line because ultimately we know nutritional depletion starts at soil level and just continues along the food chain ending in poor food sources and ultimately food choices. Why would you want to spend all the money supplementing and ultimately ( if not a natural supplement) wasting it out of the body which is exactly what happens with most chemical supplements on the shelves once processed out of the body. This potentially should have been your ‘food’ to supplement your natural energy levels and boost your immune system. The immune job description – to do any internal warfare where needed ridding the body of toxins, eradicating disease and ultimately restoring balance and health.

A healthy immune system is so underrated since you are only as strong as your immune system is. Now we are talking about a well-balanced immune system not an over stimulated one which ultimately leads to most auto- immune conditions or diseases. 10 years ago there were a handful of these conditions. Today we battle daily with many of the thousands of these conditions and it’s actually quite simple to remedy or control. Imsyser’s 3 step product range was designed to address this need since all the products are designed to support immune health in a 100% Natural ‘balancing act’ by doing a gentle cellular detox but at the same time replacing all nutritional needs in a natural, wholefood source. Products are therefore 100% absorbed for all nutritional needs of all ages.

If you are hoping to attain the highest energy output it needs the best input – natural, whole-food! Your Supplement must do exactly this to ensure there is no wastage out of the body. Wasted body energy together with a taxed immune system trying to get rid of toxic dumping is a recipe for lounge term disaster. Gut health is of extreme importance . A healthy gut – no toxic lining that reduces absorption or retards movement through the gut and into the body is ultimately what is necessary to support ultimate health. 2 of the 3 products in the Imsyser range do exactly this :

  1. Step 1: Deep intestinal cleanse over a 7 day period . Can also be used daily or at least till toxic waste completely removed. This can physically be seen as it is wasted out of the body! No diet changes are necessary and no discomfort other than a gentle detox is felt.
  1. Step 2: Replacing and stabilizing all the existing good bacteria – trillions of the 12 strain good bacteria( in a liquid live culture) needed for optimal gut health provide a cocktail of pre- and probiotics and well as natural enzymes crucial for absorption and digestion. Even babies are born with this need arising from the deficiency from the mothers side. Food today is not what it was originally designed to be and that sums it all up as far as deficiencies go!

The 3rd product is the final immune stabilizing product – replacing all essential amino acids ( gym food for the exercise fanatic) as well as the minerals , vitamins and omega 3, 6 & 9 that the body needs for optimal performance . Life is a balancing act and so is the body – all in balance inclusive of a health pH then all functions quite perfectly the way God designed it to do. Ultimately the balance once disturbed is exactly what triggers irregular cell behaviour and eventually cancer and other diseases set in i.e. dis – ease !! Even a healthy balanced mind set is of crucial importance to maintain optimal health as this normalises triggers all other responses either way!

Imsyser Health Products may not only serve to help prevent disease but also help restoring balance and ultimately restore health. The ultimate 3 steps to health and energy!!  Visit us at

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