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Lack Of Sleep

The Imsyser team will be sharing daily tips for the next month to assist our clients ease into ‘good health’ for 2015:

Remember! Lack of sleep affects your alertness and energy, and also weakens your body’s defences against infection ( YOUR IMMUNE HEALTH), allowing an increase of  anxiety, and boosts your risk of high blood pressure and therefore heart disease.

The Imsyser Team are guessing you have had enough sleep, if you were blessed enough to have a nice break.  But NOW is the time to maintain that inner peace and health.  After the festive season a gentle detox is advised.  View our amazing product range for more on this.  this is not just a once off treatment, but can be and should be maintained daily, as this range is 100% natural and safe for life long use, with all the natural energy from our tablets, to keep you on a 2015 HIGH!

The Imsyser Product Range are designed to support IMMUNE HEALTH by allowing a gentle detox but similarly allowing the immune system to stabilise itself thus controlling any auto-immune responses the body has from environmental & toxic bodily overload.

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