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Know When You Are Full – Imsyser Tip Of The Week

Know When You Are Full

Imsyser tip of the Week

Your stomach can hold, on average, 17 cups of foodstuffs. However, the feeling of being full does not come when that 17- cup limit has been reached. It occurs when your brain reacts to chemicals released when you eat or drink. It takes about 20 minutes for these chemicals to register.

This is one of the reasons the dieticians will always tell you to slow down or count between mouth fulls. Enjoy your food this also lengthens the eating time! After a meal, these chemicals stay elevated for about three to five hours, which keeps you feeling full. Once the chemical levels drop, you start to get hungry again. It is imperative to health and weight management to recognize when you are full. If you don’t feel full immediately after eating, just wait a little while and the chemicals will kick in.

Because we eat so fast most of the time, we often overeat. This is but a bad habit established out of eating on the run or simply not sitting down to enjoy your meal.  By eating too fast, we do not give our brains enough time to register what is going on. Don’t be in a rush to finish your meal. Along with helping your brain to keep up with your body, chewing slowly will also help with digestion. You will feel full sooner than normal.

Get in touch with your body and how it feels at different times. Pay attention to how your stomach feels when you are hungry, versus what it feels like after you drink a glass of water. The empty stomach feeling will go away after you drink the water. As you are eating, listen to your body. The empty feeling in your stomach should start to dissipate as you eat.

Once you notice a full feeling, stop eating, no matter how much food is left on your plate. You should feel energetic and light, not heavy and uncomfortable, after you eat. Take the time to sit and relax for a while before deciding if you really want to eat more.

Tips to help you stay full:

  • Drink a big glass of water about 10 minutes before each meal. This will encourage your brain to think that you are full sooner.
  • Focus on the taste of the food, and thoughts of fueling your body, while you are eating.
  • Once you feel full, remove the food from your plate. You can always make a new meal later with the leftovers!
  • If you feel the need to continue eating, drink a nice cup of herbal tea first. Then, reassess if you are still hungry.
  • It is possible that you may feel food cravings that are mental, not physical. Try not to eat again until you sense the empty feeling.

May your health journey become part of your living legacy. Be Blessed! The Imsyser team!

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