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Kidney Flush


As with any Cleanse Protocol, when the body is seen as a whole, the kidney flush cleanse cannot be avoided.  Your kidneys are the final flush with the liver after the body has processed all the waste through and out of the digestive tract.

Did you Know? If your kidneys don’t remove these wastes, toxins would build up in the blood and damage your body. The kidneys are filters, so it makes good sense to clean these filters with seasonal cleansing.

Kidney stones, an accumulation of mineral salts, can lodge anywhere in the urinary tract and kidneys, preventing the natural flow of waste removal (urine). It is essential to the health of the kidneys. Unlike the liver, the kidneys do not regenerate themselves

Simple home remedies

Your own homebrew as with the liver cleanse is all that might be needed outside the help of a kidney flush supplement. In fact,if you are battling make it a daily add on to your water hydrating principles, slowly sipping the parsley tea brew in your 2-3L water drinking program. Remember toxins need to be flushed out.  

Parsley Tea Preparation:

  1. Wash 4 bunches of parsley. Chop into segments and soak in 7 cups of good clean water; distilled water might be considered as an extra filtering process, drawing the toxins out of the kidneys.
  2. Cover pot and let soak for 2 minutes.
  3. Bring water to a boil, continue to boil for 1 minute.
  4. Remove from heat and strain into glass jars. Throw away parsley.
  5. Refrigerate half of the Parsley Tea (3 ½ cups, enough for 7 days) and freeze the rest.
  6. Drink ½ cup Parsley Tea daily. Sip throughout the day.
  7. Dried parsley might be considered out of season.

Dr Clark is well known for her detox programmes and special tea preparations might be considered for the more adventurous and or compromised individuals.

Kidney Support Tea Preparation:

Pour half a bag (¼ cup) each of the Hydrangea Root, Gravel Root, and Marshmallow Root herbs into a pot with 11 cups of cold tap water. Do not boil; allow the ingredients soak 4 hours or overnight. Heat to boiling the next day, then lower heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Add Black Cherry Concentrate (120 ml) and bring back to boiling. The Black Cherry Concentrate is for taste, and it supports cleansing. Remove from heat source and let the mixture cool thoroughly. Pour mixture through a strainer into glass jars. Do not throw the strained herbs away. Freeze the herbs and use the next time you need to boil herbs to make your next batch of tea. Discard after second use.

Drink ¾ cups of Kidney Support Tea per day by sipping slowly throughout the day. Drinking it all at once could cause you to get a stomach-ache or feel pressure in your bladder. Start with half the dose if you have a sensitive stomach.

For those that don’t enjoy any teas the Imsyser Range has a good kidney flush tincture to assist with Kidney cleansing.

Usage Warning: Consult a healthcare professional before starting this cleanse if taking medication, or if you have a medical condition. Do not take this cleanse if you are pregnant, nursing, or below the age of 18 without consulting with a healthcare professional first. If you have adverse reactions or other symptoms, discontinue taking cleanse and seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

Imbalance leads to disease     

Let’s take sleep and rest. If you do not rest enough your body cannot perform.  Your body functions like a perfect timer.

Disturb that timing and the clock will fail you!! All balance is…

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