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Kidney Cleansing

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Urination difficulties are important symptoms of bladder inflammation (cystitis). They include burning, nocturnal pain, dribbling and increased frequency of urination. A painful, spasmodic urge to urinate is also often present.

Women and children are often affected due to the introduction of micro-organisms from the large intestinal flora, but outflow obstructions such as uterine or bladder prolapse and enlargement of the prostate in men often also result in bladder infections.

Bacteria can ascend the urinary tract into the kidney and cause renal inflammation (pyelitis), this causes symptoms such as fever, pain in the side and pain on percussion over the renal beds.

Kidney Cleanse Herbal Teas are an excellent herbal medicine for flushing out and soothing the efferent urinary tract, dissolving kidney stones, and has simultaneous diuretic and anti-inflammatory actions:

 Foliae Betulae (birch leaves) increases urine volume

 Folia Orthosiphonis (orthosiphon leaves) promotes increased urine production and prevents stone formation

 Radix Ononidis (restharrow root) provides irrigation therapy for renal pelvis and bladder catarrh, preventing stone formation

Parsley tea is one of the more known favourites.

Most of these teas are available at health shops and pharmacies. We do strongly suggest a good liver flush to accelerate good health. Visit our website at to view more information on this flush as well as other detox routines for the gut and cellular detox with the Imsyser Immune System tabilising tablets.

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