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Juicing for Detox: A Japanese Formula

If you like to start vegetable and fruit juicing, you may want to consider this healthy Japanese recipe.

Consisting of five all green vegetables and fruit – American celery, green marrow, green pepper, bitter gourd, and green apples, this healthy formula when consumed over a period of time, is believed to be helpful in healing a plethora of sicknesses such as high blood pressure, liver sickness, giddiness, skin itchiness, anxiety, insomnia, diabetes, piles, frequent urination, high cholesterol, cold, constipation, obesity, and stomach problems.  Furthermore, it was told that the Japanese started drinking enzymes drinks 80 years ago and this fresh raw fruit and vegetable juice is an excellent way to help increase our anti-toxinenzyme intake and keep us healthy and resistant to diseases.

I have tried this detox method several times, for as long as a few weeks in a row, and have found it to be effective for improving my bowel system, appetite, concentration power and energy level.


Ingredients for 1 Person’s Consumption:

2 strips of Amercian celery

1 quarter green marrow

Half green pepper

1 quarter bitter gourd

1 green apple (remove core and seeds)


This recipe makes 1-2 cups.

Crush all the five ingredients (room temperature, not refrigerated) with a electric juicer. Take it in the morning with an empty stomach at least half an hr before breakfast. Consume extracted liquid within 15 minutes. The concoction tastes slightly bitter but the addition of apple makes it very palatable.

This formula can be taken for a week to a few months. For a start, to help the body make the adjustments, you can do 2-3 times a week, and then increase to 5 days a week. In the first few days, you might feel bloatedness in the stomach, but it will go away subsequently as you continue with the detox

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