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It’s all about Gut health…

Many ways we use the word gut

When you think about it, there are so many ways we use the word gut. We use our “gut” to describe a lot of the things we feel. Your gut tells you when something is right. And since all information literally runs up from the gut to the brain along the vagus nerve there is no wondering everyone is making such a big thing about gut health. Your “gut” may control your organs and that says it all!

How is that possible?

What happens in your gut appears to activate your liver, and benefit your kidneys, colon, digestive tract, blood plasma, metabolism and reproductive system.

Your Flora

Well literally they are lining the oral and nasal mucosa essential in that first line of defence. And then of course the throat.

Inside your digestive system there are millions of good bacteria, your flora, that are very busy protecting you. They keep you from getting infections, and help you digest your food and turn it into vitamins. Your flora stay ready in your gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts to help activate your Immune System.

They are experts at killing the deadly bacteria that can get into your body through the air and your food like E coli, salmonella and strep.

  1. pylori, keeps your hunger in check so you don’t get fat.
  2. acidophilus & B. bifidus help rebuild your population of other types of friendly gut flora and produce  vitamins B’s like niacin, folic acid, biotin, and B6, as well as vitamin K. Without these vitamins, you wouldn’t be able to stay calm and relaxed, have strong bones, clear arteries, a sharp memory, normal hormones, or energy to get through the day.

Woman have flora in your reproductive tract, too. It makes lactic acid that protects you from infectious yeasts like Candida.

Imsyser’ s 12 Strain Liquid Probiotic

Having heard this it is quite a no brainer to find the bet probiotic to ensure all these different facets of the digestive internal system are being ‘treated’ as the liquid probiotic enters the system. It’s much easier to keep your flora healthy than to try to build it back up after the modern world and Western diet destroy it all. Imsyser provides 12 strains of not only the famous 3 but up to 12 different strain encompassing the whole spectrum.

If you are not eating foods (pre-biotics) that promote healthy flora, don’t worry Imsyser has it covered!!

If your probiotic does not say “live cultures” so you know they contain the kind of flora that will benefit you, look further!

Imsyser is a live, fermented, living culture made in a very unique fashion the only brand in SA made like this.

How do Probiotic supplements help?

They secrete various substances, such as lactic and acetic acids, to decrease the pH of the gastrointestinal tract and vagina, rendering them less hospitable to pathogenic bacteria. They also secrete bacteriocins which are natural antibiotics that kill undesirable bacteria. Probiotics will help you restore and re-energize the ecology of your gut. The trick is to find a probiotic that has live, viable microorganisms, with a diverse mix of species like the Imsyser brand.

Many of the average probiotics you’ll find will say they have “live organisms”. They might have when the capsule was bottled. But the cheap ones won’t have used processes or packaging that promotes a long shelf life for the flora.

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