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It Is All About pH

The body naturally maintains a proper pH balance by eliminating acids when all healthy systems are working and not in a state of overload.

But when too much acid is present (usually diet related and then of course the other ‘biggy’, stress) and the body cannot process normally then this acids build up, with the resultant dropping of your pH . After this has happened the only way the body knows to neutralise itself is by drawing minerals out from your most of your vital tissues, putting all body organs at risk. Studies have proven that acidity is the no 1 causal factor behind most cancers!! Acidosis destroys your body from the inside out, creating the perfect environment for pathogens to thrive.  When your body remains in an acidic state for a prolonged period of time, it puts you at greater risk of illnesses and diseases. Put simply an acidic body produces thick sticky blood that not only affects circulation therefore the whole body and all its organs but also the blood at risk by reducing its ability to carry oxygen around the body to all vital organs, thereby also affecting all body functionalities.

Sugar & Processing

What we are saying that this is a lifestyle issue. You are what you eat and it’s that simple! So choosing alkaline-forming foods are crucial: limited fruits mostly berries and low-sugared types, leafy green vegetables, & root vegetables. When you consume these superfoods on a daily basis, it’s equivalent to flooding your body with an alkaline-forming elixir that supports healing and health resoration. Best to try juicing them and do this as a daily routine. Remember NO SUGAR! NO PROCESSED FOODS!  Read your labels!!

And then of course ensuring a well-hydrated body with good source of water (alkaline) is also crucially important. A well hydrated body is less at risk than an under-hydrated one. This is maintained by using lemon juice added to your daily intake of 2 -3L of water. Lemon is the only fruit, acidic by nature but has the ability to turn alkaline in the body. The human body has an amazing ability to regenerate but it needs assistance FROM YOU!!

What you put in your body today determines the state of your health tomorrow.  With the right ingredients, you can experience a total body transformation in as little as 30 days. What you are working towards is a supercharged Immune System as you are only as healthy.

Add a cocktail of Exercise, a little Sunshine, Forgiveness, Peace & Rest and you are well on your way to a changed being.

Imsyser Health Products

Imsyser Health Products were designed to support this health and ‘dis-ease’ prevention with its 3 core products optimising Immune functioning and assisting in detoxing the body as acidity is fought at cellular level in a well-managed life style:

  1. 7 day Deep Intestinal Cleanse. Seeing is believing what may be excreted through this process as hardened toxic mucous is removed from the gut.
  2. A daily supply of good bacteria to support optimal gut and therefore Immune functioning, and
  3. An Immune stabilising product assisting in a gentle cellular detox whilst supporting optimal Immune functioning by supplying all the essentials to make this healthy transition possible.

Visit www.imsyser for more on these amazing products or call IMSYSER at 086 010 3859 for more as well specials available assisting in this detoxing process.

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