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Is Your Probiotic ‘Live’?

“live” microorganisms

The potential beneficial health effects of “live” microorganisms deserves more attention and more especially now that our average probiotic user is not using modern-day probiotics to counter the negative of the antibiotics but rather as a rather crucial daily supplement that we have now realized we really cannot afford NOT to do!!

So, what is the benefit.

Modern day data suggests that particles of microorganisms and/or their metabolites may be sufficient to induce immunological effects. We actually are really referring to the value add that live organisms in a liquid probiotic offers as opposed to those that still need to “awaken” in an ideal environment (the body) as with most of those probiotics that are in tablets and or capsule form.

What most don’t even realise that the rude reality is that most of the counts of the probiotics are very high on record where in reality the true figure of those surviving these very body environments is not really known!

What does “probiotic” mean?

“Some researchers give the word a full Greek etymology, but it appears to be a composite of the Latin preposition pro (“for”) and the Greek adjective ß..t…. (biotikos, “fit for life, lively”), the latter deriving from the noun ß… (bios, “life”). A probiotic is defined as living microor­ganisms that, when consumed in adequate amounts, has a health benefit for the host.”  Although the definition of a probiotic requires that the micro­organisms ingested are “alive,” the question arises if dead microorganisms cannot also have a health benefit. It is beyond any doubt that the evidence for beneficial health effects of “living” bacteria is much larger and stronger than for “dead” bacteria. A major reason for this difference is due to the simple fact that living bacteria have been studied much more than dead bacteria.

What do we know about “not living bacteria”?

DRY PROBIOTIC PRODUCTS (Tablets or Capsules)

Dry products come in many shapes and sizes, however the technology behind them is broadly similar and generally involves freeze-drying. It is possible to freeze simple organisms and cells under low temperature and pressure in such a way that all the water is removed without damaging the delicate structure of the cell or organism itself. In the case of probiotics this places the bacteria in a state of suspended animation which is well suited to long term storage. Once moisture becomes available to the bacteria, they re-hydrate and a proportion of the bacteria will go on to function and divide again as they did before ‘freezing’. This means that many strains can be combined into a single product. However, there are downsides to freeze-drying, not least, the high expectations placed upon bacteria to re-hydrate and regain function quickly after swallowing into the acidic environment of the stomach.

There really is no word to describe the state that microorganisms are in after freeze drying. One could say “dormant”, but this really doesn’t suffice. All the moisture that is part and parcel of each microbe has been removed. The theory is that once ingested, these microbes re-absorb the moisture and return to life. Even if they do fully return to their former state with no harm done, nobody has been able to tell how long it takes. If it’s more than an hour or two, the microbes will be past the stomach, through the intestine and in the bowel before they wake up. Or even further along.

Any microbiologist will agree with the statement that freeze drying of microbes causes some form of cellular damage, which can greatly affect performance of the microbes. This is the main reason most probiotics on the market contain billions of cfu (colony forming unit) per ml. It is necessary to use tremendous numbers of “weaker” microbes to get the effects of “stronger” microbes.

So by now you have worked out the Imsyser Probiotic is a liquid, live probiotic that has prebiotics to support life within the container to ensure shelf live an feed your own healthy microbes but also in this interactive formulation we have digestive enzymes released to ensure a truly unique product that is streets ahead of its competitors.

And then we are not even mentioning the value add of the different herbs that not only support good gut and immune health but also support the life of the ‘live’ organisms as it grows and is produced in a very unique fashion for the very best live liquid probiotic in the market place.   

Spore-based probiotics.

Sporebiotics is a very uncommon term most do not even know without realising the true value of a live probiotic, these supplied from Mother Nature herself and more resilient to our body pH that any of the bigger better known probiotics commonly used in those probiotics in the market place.

“Because of the sporebiotics’ unique abilities, scientists believe they may benefit people with health problems such as autism, neurological disorders, and immune-related diseases. In addition, spore-based probiotics may help fortify the body against environmental aggressors such as electromagnetic fields (EMFs), pesticides, and airborne pollutants.”

Now with the onslaught of 5G we had better be taking the best probiotic for this specific job of protection against EMF’s ,don’t you think?

The term postbiotic was introduced to describe a product containing dead micro-organisms and their metabolites: soluble factors (products or metabolic by-products), secreted by live bacteria, or released after bacterial lysis, such as enzymes, peptides, te­ichoic acids, peptidoglycan-derived muropeptides, polysaccharides, cell surface proteins, and organic acids. Some dead probiotics have been shown to modulate the Immune System (compounds of the cell wall might boost the immunological system) and to have increased adhesion to intestinal cells which further results in inhibition of pathogens.

Now after this term post-biotics is added as a description of the value add of the whole interactive design of this amazing probiotic – is there any doubt left?? Your choice to serve you and your family best going forward.

Of course not, there is no more other choice knowing all of this!!

And then we add fermentation to the equation!!

Need I say more on the value of a fermented product on Gut health. The Imsyser Probiotic is brewed over 6-8 weeks in stainless steel tanks, with a unique process whereby temperature and all the interactive processes are monitored over 24 hours day in and day out until perfect results are obtained for bottling in a GMP plant right here in South Africa.

Imsyser needs no more introducing as we have stood the test of time for more than 10 years with this amazing product  – only now really having its true value understood. Immunity is core and if you understand Immunity you know it all happens in the gut and it all has to with good microbiome.  

Your choice, but Imsyser has the best liquid live probiotic and we sell country wide for your convenience. Call 086 010 3859 or simply click here:  

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