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Is your Probiotic Instantly Bio-available

Is your Probiotic Instantly Bio-available

Is your Probiotic Instantly Bio-available? However scientifically established that we need microbiome support daily. Above all, AS FROM BIRTH. Unfortunately, the ‘mother culture’ as received at birth, is often compromised. In conclusion,  breast feeding all the more so for some extra protection. A healthy set of microbiome are core to all future health maintenance. Therefore, instantly bio-available in a liquid live format as with the Imsyser Probiotic. The ability to do restorative functioning on contact right from the mouth. However, all the way through to the lowest end of the digestive tract. Without hinderance or waiting for capsules/tablets to be dissolved. therefore, mostly available in the market place.

In conclusion, Good for kids. Simply add to a little water of juice. Instant digestive relief usually visible.   

Imsyser is a Comprehensive Liquid Probiotic Supplement. In conclusion, containing all the essential Prebiotics to support all the essential Probiotics in a live, fermented liquid solution. With a natural supply of Digestive Enzymes for optimal gut health support.

Is your Probiotic Instantly Bio-available? Superior to other probiotics in that 

Is your Probiotic Instantly Bio-available
12 strain Pre & Probiotic
  • 12 Live Probiotic Strains maintained in a live, living, liquid fermented bio-culture.
  • This liquid product is shelf-stable and pH-balanced.
  • Supports Healthy Digestion with a supply of natural digestive enzymes.
  • Promotes regularity in chronic constipation cases instantly.
  • Survives stomach acid or pH.
  • Therefore Immune Health, 100% naturally from the mouth through to the colon.
  • Relieves gas & bloating literally instantly.
  • Excellent relief for IBS cases
  • All-natural and NO Genetically Modified ingredients
  • Zero-calorie Probiotic Supplement excellent for Diabetics
  • No Refrigeration Needed. Live bacteria go dormant in the fridge
  • Good for ALL ages

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