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Is your Probiotic advanced?

Is your Probiotic advanced?

Is your Probiotic advanced? Why do I say this? Well in a nutshell we are street ahead of our competitors in advanced research and production techniques.  

The Imsyser probiotic range advanced product, non-toxic, fully biodegradable and sustainable probiotic-based natural alternatives to most of the so-called tablet and capsuled products in the market place. There only claim to fame being trillions of a few strains with no symbiotic relationship within the dried probiotic format as opposed to the living relationship within the Imsyser product.  

Advanced Probiotics Technology Provides A Platform for Success in a new Probiotic Revolution


The Imsyser microbial strains (12), or beneficial microorganisms, are grown in what is known as consortia (a co-growth environment). Allowing each strain to interact with other strains throughout development. This proprietary method is very similar to how microbes occur in nature, versus the more common practice of growing singular strains in a pure-culture format and then blending different strains together at the time of packaging.

The Imsyser blend facilitates the consortia-grown microbes modern day technology which gives our advanced probiotics products a range of benefits above and beyond other probiotic products currently on the market.

We have in this interactive technology mimicking of healthy gut microbiome and the resultant release of digestive enzymes not present in most probiotics. Available in the market place as well as ‘Synbiotics’. A ne term in the market lace for a certain strain that orchestrates as such this activity. As wel as an ever newer term ‘postbiotics”. The final orchestrator of your microbiome in the larger equation. All of this only possible in a live format.   

Superior Effectiveness

When introduced to a ‘host’. A human digestive system. These ‘home grown mother culture’ microbes grown in consortia. Therefore much better prepared to do what they are supposed to do. Contribute to the health and vibrancy of their host. 

Outstanding Shelf Life and Stability

The minimum shelf-life of Probio advanced probiotics products with guaranteed microbial activity is 12 months, as stipulated by law but we have tested our products 3 years later and have found efficient ‘life’ even after this time period. Therefore, this says everything about the stability of this product.  

Broad Temperature and Ph Survival Range

The Imsyser probiotics products maintain their guaranteed viable cell count under a temperature range of 5 Degrees Celsius to 50 Degrees Celsius and pH range of 2-14.

This product bypasses stomach acids as a fermented liquid range, un-affected.

In other words, means that unopened products do not require refrigerated storage and handling, unlike many other microbial products. This product has shipped overseas to Hungary in extreme temperatures with huge success and then the opposite here in South Africa where hotter temperatures might be experienced. Let’s face it what, after all, is the temperature of the human gut?? All we are doing is trying to mimic human gut behaviour and fridge temperature is not going to do this.   

Superior Quality Controls Ensures Product Reliability

Each strain used in the Imsyser probiotic product is naturally occurring. Not genetically modified and non-pathogenic to humans, animals and plants. Above all, we also follow expected Good Manufacturing Practices. By closely controlling manufacturing and maintaining rigorous process and quality control standards, this fermented probiotic product guarantees consistent. High quality advanced probiotics.

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