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Is your liver making you fat?

Fatty Liver

Most of us have not even had the privilege of drink during lockdown yet we still battle with gall and liver issues and or don’t seem to budge our weight even though we try all the well-known solutions. Time to “up” your liver functions, decrease toxicity to improve your liver functions and improve the fatty break-downs which in return helps your liver functions.

Heavy metals cause “fatty liver” more than alcohol

Fatty liver is when hardened, oxidized fat builds up and becomes toxic. It slows your digestion, increases gas and bloating, and makes normal healthy detoxing nearly impossible. Add the usual amount of built up micro-toxicity and you have a time bomb waiting to happen.  

The result: your body cannot properly digest or metabolize fat, it STORES it. Weight issues result in metabolic issues and so the vicious circle of events leads to chronic disease or worse. A tired worn out liver doesn’t filter toxins and enters a vicious cycle of accumulating more fat and toxins. And your toxins are stored in your fat!! Soon, fatty liver sets in… and a compromised liver is your biggest risk factor knowing it is the largest organ inside the body and performing many bodily functions. This includes hormones and as you know, healthy hormone levels are key to weight loss, mood, energy, and more.

This is why people report that they feel so amazing after liver cleansing…and it’s a good easy overnight recipe to follow without really having to buy products since you have most at home:

Now To Supporting Your Liver

Remember your liver filters toxins… digesting/metabolizing fat… and so much more. So helping doing a liver flush is amazing for quick results and needs to be repeated 4-6 times at least per year. Assisting the liver you would ideally want to do a colon cleanse with it for even better results:

and then removing parasites and all micro-toxicity for further support going forward: (micro toxicity)

and concentrate of fat metabolism as well as heavy metal removal and improved circulation for optimal results:

Add good health bacteria to support microbiome and you are on the road to recovery with optimal energy to start exercising and see your weight drop off you as your energy levels go up:

Its that simple. Call to ask for support – we are here to serve – 086 010 3859 or click here:

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