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Intestinal Cleansing…The Right Way

Benefits For Use & Unique Advantage – Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse

You have to remember first and foremost, why you are doing this deep Intestinal Cleanse. It is not just the fact that it is the only Cleanse that strips away old impacted waste within the intestines and colon without causing any diarrhea, but also the fact that you are removing all the toxic residue impacted in the folds of the intestines over many years. Once this waste is been removed, layer upon layer, and the waste is stripped away till you reach a cleaner intestinal wall surface/lining after removing old impacted mucoidal plaque as well,  will you find that your gut becomes fully functional again. Improving absorption to mention but a few advantages of a health gut, but more importantly the energy release resultant from both these facts.

It is not merely a fibre-up type product, which we all need anyway, since our diet is compromised, but also the fact that this unique product has the ability of the cleansing herbs to neutralize toxic waste and assists all debris out of the body before further re-absorption of these same toxic releases. This cleanse will not give you diarrhea. In fact quite the opposite IF YOU DO NOT DRINK ENOUGH WATER, as this waste needs water to be removed effectively out of the body.

One word of caution

If you tend to be constipated or don’t have daily bowel movements, please ensure that this is overcome with a daily intake of the Imsyser probiotic for at least 3-7 days prior to use, to ensure no further blockages and any potential discomfort. If you are really worried, instead of adding a little fruit juice for some taste before taking the product, add some prune juice instead or even lemon juice, to the mixture for the first few days, to assist excretion.

Remember that Imsyser’s Cleanse is safe enough for all ages. So with children have dosages are needed, once a day, as a long term fibre-up ,with the intention of preventing potential detox reactions. The same applies for pregnant woman and in both cases this product will then not just last 7 days but possibly a month. Once again, it is about securing safety in all regards. All the same rules apply and this product maybe used ongoingly for all others as a fibre up, over an extended period of time, without any negative effects on normal gut behaviour. JUST REMEMBER YOUR WATER.

A compromised Gut is a compromised Immune System.

All health stems from the gut and all Immunity from within the gut. We also have other serious consequences resulting from this bad build-up and compromising of the gut such as our mood changes and emotion discrepancies resulting. And one of the biggest tell tales in our modern-day society is signs of those stricken by depression or worse, including most youngsters battling with ADD and worse. 

With correct ‘detoxing’ or ‘cleansing’ we can get rid of this hardened toxic mucous build-up and years’ worth of old waste may be removed by doing a 7-day Gentle Deep Intestinal Cleanse. Depending upon your age and other factors this may take several weeks to several months of regular cleansing. These results are the ones you want to watch to see how layer upon layer of this toxic waste is removed and the health of your gut may be achieved in all its capacities. This is done gently, over time, without changing normal excretory behaviour. In other words, you can still go about your normal daily activities and not be affected by this gentle cleanse at all.

‘Dis-ease’ is a state of balance that can be restored and once such is done, ‘dis-ease’ is nullified. IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT BALANCE!! And that is what Imsyser Health Products aims to achieve merely helping your own body do what it naturally would or should do!

The advantages of the Imsyser Cleanse as compared to any other cleanse is listed below

  • Unique Formulation – 100 % Natural
  • Proudly SA product – manufactured in SA
  • Used for a 7-day Detox or a Daily Fibre Bulk up
  • Visible results
  • 7-day detox without Dietary changes
  • No Diarrhea or changing of existing Gut Microbiome
  • No stool habit changes – work as usual during detox
  • No pain
  • No resultant Gut laziness
  • May be taken on its own or best as part of the Imsyser Immune Health ‘Kit’
  • Safe for all ages & applied special usage during Pregnancy
  • Nappi-Coded

How to use

Pointers to remember

  • 7 day cleanse, there is enough powder for 7+ days, use until finished.
  • Cleanse is used twice daily for 7 days.
  • Don’t share your container – there is enough for one person for the total treatment.
  • Use early morning, an hour before of after breakfast, and late afternoon/early evening, before or after meal.
  • Don’t use with a meal, otherwise you will bloat and just be too full since it is beter to take 2 glasses of water, if you can, after drinking the cleanse.
  • Don’t take other supplements and/or probiotic with the cleanse as it will be caught up with the bulking and your supplement wont serve you well.
  • The cleanse is a drink not a food, so once you have made it quickly…DON’T WAIT but DRINK QUICKLY as if it were a smoothie. Same texture.
  • If product bulks because you did not add enough water, keep on adding more water and drink until all product is consumed. DON’T TRY AND EAT THE PRODUCT!
  • The easiest way to consume is to put it into a shaker or a juice bottle, shake vigorously and while you are sucking up the liquid mixture, squeeze the bottle gently for speedy consumption.
  • Flavour your water with a little juice or prune juice, as mentioned in constipation cases, to make it a tasty experience.
  • Don’t expect miracles immediately. Everybody is different. Some might only see results day 3 or 4 onwards. It will happen!!
  • Watch your “poo”, watch for results, as this will determine your cleansing process. Initially smaller stringy excretions are seen and this will increase as more waste is strip away, if, at the end of seven days there is no reduction of stringy excretions, another cleanse or two should be considered 2-4 weeks later.
  • Remember this is detox, so expect a slight headache or tiredness during this experience, but you will feel amazing when all is done.
  • This should be done at least seasonally with every change of season to secure old waste out and room for new seasonal foods in, and may be used more regularly as needed.
  • The most amazing part of this ‘treatment’ is the fact that you can go to work as per the norm and follow your regular diet.
  • When this mucous and waste starts coming out of you it is worth observing this waste in the toilet. It will often float and looks like “ropery” fat. It will also have the shape of the intestines because it’s been inside you for years!!
  • Doing this cleanse with time can start reversing the damage done in the past and slowly start allowing your body to heal of its many adverse conditions.
  • Expect weight-loss as anything up to 7kg of waste might be impacted over many years as a result, and if weight-loss was not intended, weight increase might be expected after all old putrid waste is removed and the gut starts to work more effectively going forward.  

Dosage & Directions for Use:

This product is formulated to assist in softening and eliminating of this impacted intestinal mucous layer, assisting in stabilizing the Immune System, assisting in detoxing the intestines and assisting in balancing your metabolism, as effective cleansing is initiated. The various 100 % natural herbs assist in the dissolving of this toxic layer and neutralizing of the toxic release as this layer is broken down. Slippery Elm assists in the easy gentle movement out of the body.

This is a ‘7-day detox programme’ (may also be used daily for continuous usage or until results are achieved without gut changing habits); used 2 x daily on an empty stomach before or an hour after meals. Best taken as quickly as possible BEFORE bulking occurs and followed through with at least 1-2 glasses of water.

Add 2 heaped Tablespoons of powder to a little juice (1/3 glass) and a tall glass of water, stir quickly, and drink quickly BEFORE thickening may result. If such does happen, add more water and continue drinking till all product is taken in. Tasteless in flavor.

For all ages; children ½ dosage and if pregnant used cautiously under health practitioners advice, NOT as a detox range, but smallest dose possible (1 teaspoon/ 1x per day) to assist in fiber bulking ONLY as the main objective.

What to expect

Day 1-3

Start by observing you “poo”. Everybody is different, so different results are expected. Some might feel slightly “stuffed”, but anything is normal, and water is the trick. If you see results immediately, as is the case with men and children, everything will go smoothly thereafter. Woman tend to internalize emotions more “holding back” as such, and this is the resultant experience when waiting for results, but once again any experience is your own norm. No diet changes are required but drinking water is crucial. I do believe since the experience is a detox, you would choose to prefer to eat more healthily and cut out excess. But this is not required as you will see the results anyway. Your diet will determine your level of detox.

Day 4-7

Some might only see the “excretion” now, but most should start seeing good results and detox experience MIGHT BE less. We have attached a video to show you the NORM, gruesome as it might seem, it would be better to have this waste outside your body rather than trapped on the inside. Remember, all health starts and ends in the gut.

In chronic health cases going a step back might be advised to help remove parasites first. In these cases if you have done a cleanse already and your chronic health condition persists, take a breather and start the parasite cleanse, which should last at least 2-4 weeks, and do another cleanse in that time. For the daring few, who means business with their bodies, I suggest a liver flush halfway through the 2nd or 3rd cleanse, day 3-5, where a liver flush is done overnight and the you continue with the deep intestinal cleanse thereafter. Click on this link on how to do-no this liver flush as no product is needed:


This is your LIVER HEALTH Tip from the Imsyser team:

Another part of the body that gets congested is the liver and gall bladder. Cleansing of these important organs can also give amazing health benefits and energy releases. The liver is the main chemical and hormone factory of the body and has over 500 functions. These functions include the controlling of cholesterol levels and the activation and deactivation of hormones not to mention its role in the digestion process. You may have heard about gall stones. These calcified stones are hard and easily seen with x-ray. Before the stones calcify and harden, they are soft and cannot be seen on x-ray. Most of us may have many soft stones choking our liver and gall bladder. With this 1 day-cleanse (an overnight flush), your liver and gall bladder are flushed, which in turn ejects the stones into the toilet the following morning. You will not believe the results!!

The added benefit, super doses of energy to take you through the next couple of months!!

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