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International Woman’s Day Celebrating Womanhood

We need to celebrate ‘womanhood’ every day! There is very little in this life that doesn’t need the loving touch of a mother. And for this very reason we need to keep each and every mother, sister, aunt, granny and daughter happy, healthy and feeling loved.

Imsyser to the rescue...

Here at Imsyser we are passionate about all the facets of healthy living; body, mind and spirit and are dedicated to the upliftment of each and every woman. To be ‘kind’ and ‘true’ to our gender we merely need refer back to Biblical principles to know and understand that before the beginning of time each and every woman was ‘ordained’ by God and not only did He love her but created her for this every special ‘job’ of being a mother and woman – that special ‘motherly’ ability we have as woman to love unconditionally. And then of course God said he made woman out of man and he as very pleased with His creation.

our final call to action…

So, my message to day to each and every woman is to know and understand that you are loved irrelevant of your circumstances; irrelevant of your health or how you even feel about yourself. You ARE loved by our Creator and that is simply more than enough. Embrace this state of ‘being’ and look after her since she is special. The world would not be the same without her and for that matter even ‘be’ without her.

Imsyser loves ‘her’.

She is our ‘living legacy’ as she embraces the future in all its capacities.

Celebrating womanhood, motherhood and all the beautiful forms that  woman come in of all ages and cultures. be Blessed today and everyday from here forward for all the ‘love’ you have shown mankind. We would not be here is not for you!!


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