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Internal Balance Your Saving Grace

Internal Balance Your Saving Grace for a Healthy detox

Internal balance your saving grace, is not just a pH thing and acid/alkaline balance. It’s a whole body state. Where all systems function optimally in balance with each other. Also a state of health detox. Void of disease triggers/toxins and poisoning. It’s our healthiest nutritional status with the healthiest output. As a sign of the success of such. If it is balanced, your body promote = health. If it is unbalanced, body = state of dis-ease.

Quite understandably, when we are young, we are buffered by lower levels of toxic build up. Of course the Immune system is a God-given super booster. Especially when young. i.e. why children seem too survive the COVID-19 with greater ease. However, the trick is to KNOW THIS and APPLY THIS knowledge. So that you can return your body too it’s youthful potential full of energy and life!

What are the core issues?

  • Nutrition. Always because it is a lifestyle basic. Above all, unhealthy soil will yield unhealthy, disease ridden plants void of good healthy bacteria that is core too life giving as we are a mobile mass of microbiome orchestrating all our body functions. In conclusion, healthy water is core to all bodily functions.
  • Lifestyle. And here I believe we have all learnt the hard lesson. Of bringing all the healthier options into a clearer space for a healthier outcome. Body, Mind & Spirit.

What changes have we noticed?

Many people used to turn to chemical drugs. To suppress the symptoms usually from their doctors. Like pain-killers, cortisone creams, antihistamines, antibiotics etc. These unnatural substances only fuel the fire of disease. Disturbing balance by aggravating the levels of toxicity, acidity and the degree of disruption of normal functions. They afford only temporary relief. While worsening the underlying imbalances that led to the development of the symptoms in the first place. In conclusion, lesson in the madness. Chemical overload will catch up on you. That is your future metabolic syndromes. Your future lack of balance. Then in time your future disease!

Natural Relief Going into 2021

Any natural treatment protocol for any given disease is focused on correcting the imbalances within starting in the gut. The need for preventing disease in South Africa is becoming paramount.  Chronic diseases like heart problems, cancer, diabetes, HIV and obesity represent. Around 70 % of South Africa’s health care costs. Preventative care is inadequate. More than 60% of our citizens are overweight. A major cause of death. As well as conditions like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, respiratory problems, depression and gynaecological complications.

  1. Clean up…

(deep intestinal cleanse)

(parasite cleanse)

(chronic infections, viruses, diseases, candida, including HIV)

(cellular daily flush for internal balance)

(heavy metal with improved circulation)

(heavy metal detox; HIV Immune booster)

  1. Balance & Feed…

(Good bacteria/probiotic)

(superfood wholefood essential nutrition)

(Superfood Nutrional shake)

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