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Insulin Resistance, Diabetes And Much More ..

Insulin Resistance, Diabetes and much much more to worry about…

With Diabetes statistics on the increase and more than likely matching the statistics of Cancer these days we have to start asking the question what are we going to do to change this, not only for ourselves, but literally generations to come. The Imsyser team as part of our mission to help others has always tried to share the message of ‘good health’ and more specifically the message as regards ‘sugar’; calling it by its name ‘enemy no 1’!! But the deeper truth is being camouflaged and that is the scary part. All sweeteners including honey and natural alternatives (and for that matter including fruits)end up taking the body into a natural bodily response similar to that of which sugar does since it mimics and sends the same message. Scary as this may seem and we have mentioned this so often; the end result: insulin resistance or eventually Diabetes. This does however not happen in its singular form but is a result of lifestyle and bad choices.

We are sharing this scientific evidence to call for a general wakeup. We aim to serve. Please pay attention:

The study, entitled “Artificial sweeteners induce glucose intolerance by altering the gut microbiota”, was published in 2014 and revealed that NAS(artificial sweeteners) intake changed metabolic pathways of microbes in the intestines, which contributed to glucose intolerance. Remember, artificial sweeteners don’t get absorbed by the body. Their only purpose is to sweeten food and with long-term use, affect how the body responds to normal sugar or glucose.

According to Suez and his fellow researchers, when NAS go through the intestines, they come into contact with normal gut bacteria and changes their composition.

The results were surprising: in the control group, there was a sudden spike of blood glucose levels followed by a decline as the pancreas responds by producing insulin, promoting glucose uptake by the cells. This is normal. However, in the experimental group, the spike was higher and the decline longer – the levels even resembled the response seen in people with diabetes.

The researchers furthered the study by acting on a hypothesis – maybe the microbes in the gut had something to do with it. They gave the group antibiotics to kill off gut bacteria and once again fed them the high glucose drink. This time, the results were normal. When they took samples of the experimental group’s gut bacteria, it turns out that there was an increase in the types of bacteria that fed on NAS – the same types of bacteria that have been linked to obesity.’

So in a nutshell ‘sugar’ and its alternatives DO DO damage and the obvious is to cut out such to the largest extent possible. But, in case, and we know there are hidden sugars in most prepared foods and of course fruits have natural sugars, the next best thing to ensure is a good healthy gut microme. You are after all only as healthy as your gut is. That is not just the health(cleanliness) thereof but also the internal microbial state of the gut.

Imsyser to the Rescue

For this IMSYSER has an amazing 500 ml 12 STRAIN liquid Pre&Probiotic (includes natural digestive enzymes as well!!) that in its functioning mimics the natural gut microme and of course it’s design is a totally new concept to most of the doctors and pharma. Biofeedback from our clients country-wide have been enlightening as gut issues are addressed. It is not a new product but unique in its design and therefore new to the industry. This product may be used for all age groups and ideally we should be starting at birth as we all know.

Depletion in the food chain starting at soil level puts us at risk in so many ways; Imsyser 12 STRAIN Microbial Liquid Stabiliser has the solution. For more on this product and the incredible Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse (to kick start this healthy process) visit or call IMSYSER at 086 010 3859

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