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Insight to Malaria !!

Malaria kills over one million people each year, most of whom are children under 5, and almost 90% of whom  live in Africa, south of the Sahara. Each year there are over 300 million clinical cases of malaria, that is five times as many as combined cases of TB, AIDS, measles and leprosy. Malaria is responsible for one out of every four childhood deaths in Africa.

Women are four times more likely to get sick, and twice as likely to die from malaria if they are pregnant. Malaria-afflicted families are able to harvest only 40% of their crops, compared with healthy families, suggesting a link between malaria and poverty. The direct and indirect costs of malaria in Africa are estimated to exceed $2 billion per year. It is believed that it could be controlled with a budget amounting to one-tenth of this amount. Malaria slows economic growth in African countries by an estimated 1.3% each year.

The cheapest and safest malaria drug – chloroquine – is rapidly losing its effectiveness. In some parts of the world, malaria is resistant to the four leading front-line drugs. Malaria quickly rebounded from the mass insecticide spraying campaigns in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It then eluded mass treatment strategies based on a single drug, such as chloroquine. Malaria can quickly adapt and rebound when efforts are fragmented and uncoordinated. Yet it has been shown that malaria deaths could be reduced with coordinated intervention. Malaria occurs in 90 countries at present ( and was found in 140 countries in 1955 )

  • 3.5 billion people ( 63% of the world’s population ) live in malaria-free areas.
  • 1.62 billion people (29%) live where malaria is now increasing after having been reduced previously.
  • 400 million people (7%) live with endemic malaria unchanged by control.


Immunity is only acquired under conditions of frequent infection. The more frequently a person is infected, the greater the immunity. It does not prevent infection, but decreases the rate and severity of the disease, and increases the rate of recovery. Immunity can be lost when a person leaves the malaria area. Immunity is also specific to a particular species and stage of the parasite. It is transferred from the mother to the infant but remains active only for 3-6 months.


Drugs available for prophylaxis of malaria act on the parasites in the red blood cells and prevent disease from developing and typical symptoms from presenting. It is most important to take the recommended drugs exactly as prescribed and to complete the course. Failing to complete the course results in inadequate drug levels in the blood, allowing the parasites to multiply and malaria to develop. It is important to continue prophylaxis for 4 weeks after return from a malaria area.

Even if the drug is only partially effective (eg in the case of drug partial resistance), parasite development is still inhibited, symptoms may take longer to appear, and may be less severe at first, than if no prophylaxis was taken.

Malaria symptoms may only develop quite a while after leaving the malaria area. This can reduce suspicion of malaria to the detriment of the patient, especially as many people believe that prophylaxis is a guarantee against malaria. It is therefore very important that anyone experiencing any malaria or flu-like symptoms after having been in a malaria area seeks help immediately.

Appropriate prophylaxis will considerably reduce the chances of being infected with malaria. However, no drug is guaranteed to protect everyone every timeā€¦..

Imsyser & Bio feedback

Biofeedback from our clients using this product in Zambia: Please note – Imsyser products cannot prevent infection but once infected the patient believes the products heals them when in fact all that is happening is that their immune system is being supported by a 100% natural wholefood natural medicine that not only naturally does a detox thereby ridding the body of toxins faster than had they not taken any meds but also improves the immune functioning which in reality is the ultimate healer. Patients are up and about much sooner, energised as the toxins are removed much more quickly and effectively therefore reducing the sluggish toxic feeling. Imsyser is an immune stabiliser designed to detox at cellular level and provide all the essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins & Omega 3, 6 & 9 all in one tablet. Only 4 tablets/day ; half dosage for children. All products are Nappi coded and MCC registered.


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