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Inner Beauty And Health Brings Out “True Beauty”

True Beauty: It’s that simple.

If you’re unhealthy or unhappy, you simply don’t look or seem beautiful – no matter how much (or little) you weigh or how much make-up you apply.

In future, more emphasis will be put on the brain/beauty connection with the study of neuroaesthetics, the science of how our brain responds to art, music and beauty, taking centre stage. There are 2 people that come to mind.

  1. Anjan Chatterjee’s book, The Aesthetic Brain: How we evolved to desire beauty and enjoy art explains why we all are on a quest for beauty, whether it’s the innate pleasure of watching the sunset over the sea, or being undeniably attracted to a mate, or choosing flowers for your home, beauty brings us pleasure.
  2. Dr Caroline Leaf ‘s book, Switch on Your Brain deals with a different approach as how to do a good brain detox, and literally switching on your brain. And of course realise your God given true beauty through this growth.

Both books offer different approaches but ultimately deal with ‘seeing’ yourself as the beautiful ‘you are’ and not as the one created by perceptions and marketed media norms, as sketched by the world.

Beauty & Awareness

As levels of awareness increases and we grow and mature we realise who we are and how we were once “wired” to desire things that are beautiful to us – there is scientific proof that the brain is flooded with pleasure-inducing neurotransmitter when taking in an object we deem beautiful – society as a whole will become less self-conscious in its quest for personal beauty. And the favour and manipulative power media has over us is eventually lost to the true beauty ‘on the inside’.

We want to help at Imsyser

I know we here at Imsyser Health Products, often harp on the physical/health side of this issue but this too remains a reality that if your health ‘shows’ on the inside it will ‘show’ on the outside. At Imsyser heath Products we spend a lot of time sharing more on products designed to assist in this journey towards health and wellness. Believe you me it is a ‘journey’ with modern day toxic overload and more seriously modern day toxic overload in our thoughts processes …often coming along with generations worth of ‘neglect’ as a parent teaching us about our true inherent beauty.

And, eventually there IS and WILL be a place and space of better understanding – and acceptance of who we truly are and that the creational through that ‘the balance more often than not tips in favour of attractive people that exude self-confidence over those who are less so’, is not the real truth.

It’s on the INSIDE!

Unfortunately scientific proof exists that personal and professional success is favoured to ‘beauty’ being the biggest motivator there is for achieving wellness and, ultimately, looking and feeling good.  Of course, it shouldn’t be – modern day dis-ease statistics and death rates should rather be running with the concept of ‘we owe ourselves health’ – beauty on the inside WILL display as beauty on the outside and that is the real issue. Health CANNOT be bought!!!

Imsyser to the Rescue

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