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Inflammation is your No 1 enemy

Hidden Inflammation Attacking Your Body is the Root cause to Your Disease

If you are battling with Chronic Allergies & Hay fever; Periodontal Disease; Depression; Heavy Metal Toxification & Brain Fogging; Pesticide & Toxic Overload; and Chronic Prescription Medication Over-dosing you are more than likely battling with Chronic Inflammatory issues which manifest in disease. Keep on going on like this with modern day toxicity issues and you become the next Cancer victim or worse.

Your Defence System

You have one ally on your side. It’s your body’s “filtration system”, which was designed to continuously remove toxins and waste in a perfect environment. Well the problem remains that there is no longer any internal or external perfect environment. And this is where your body needs some help.

Chronic inflammation just adds to the misery! Toxins and waste start piling up. So your body is even more susceptible to attack. It starts to weaken and the inflammation invasion takes over. Immunity fails and disease takes over.

Imsyser products

The Imsyser products ranges were developed to do exactly this – help your own body to do what is does best – with a little help!

Immune cells have to constantly find pathogens and intruders that needs to be eliminated, for a cell to be preserved. The preservation lies in the fact that a balance needs to be attained within. With modern day toxic overload this very thing has become the constant trauma the Immune System needs to be dealing with until …..CRASH!!

Compromised Immunity

Failing to identify an intruder can lead to a serious infection. However, misidentifying one’s own cells, tissues, organs, etc. as an enemy generates a destructive autoimmune response. When healthy, the immune system is balanced on a knife’s edge, neither over-reacting nor under-reacting. And there are many ways to achieve this equilibrium naturally.

Good ‘Super Nutrition’

The first step towards balancing our immune response is to provide the right fuel. Immunity is intertwined with virtually every other bodily system: gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, neurological, and hormonal. It all works together. If this cannot be maintained it is best to supplement:  

Good Gut Health

The digestive system has been called “the second Immune System” because of the intense immune development and activity that takes place there. More than 80% of your Immunity is seated here – at gut level.  That’s why healthy eating is so critical to strong Immunity. We need to make sure our defence mechanisms are well fuelled, and that our digestion is strong and efficient. Unhealthy ingredients like refined sugars, trans-fats, and processed food additives have been shown to significantly impair immune function, sometimes right after we eat them. Just think of the long-term damage they can do.

Keeping that gut super clean and super healthy has never become more important than now.

  1. Super clean: Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse 150g
  2. Super healthy and balanced:  

Imsyser Immune Stabilising Tablets to the rescue for modern day diseases.

Not only does this amazing unique product supply all your essential needs from a wholefood source – all your essential Amino Acids; all your essential Vitamins; all your essential Minerals and a source of Omega – but at cellular levels a gentle ‘detox’ results in balanced cellular functioning, void of toxic overload.

The fate of many, resulting from most modern-day diseases, relates very heavily in the fact this very last step is activated at cellular level.  This is exactly our claim to fame. And the proof is in the taking. Imsyser works for Immunity because our whole product range is developed understanding optimal gut health with equal emphasis on the ability to optimise Immunity through healthy internal cell balancing:

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