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Inflammation, Disease & Imsyser Health Products

Inflammation, Disease & Imsyser Health Products

Inflammation, Disease & Imsyser Health Products. Inflammation might be considered one, if not the leading causes, of ‘dis-ease’ which in turn starts all metabolic discrepancies leading to body cellular ( and eventually organ) breakdown and eventually ‘dis-ease’. But this should not be the case as inflammation ORIGINALLY was part of the body’s defence mechanism. Like what happens when you cut your finger. Within seconds, the damaged tissue releases chemicals to start this healing process called ‘inflammation’.

Acute inflammation

Healthy inflammation (immediate or ‘acute inflammation’) is a natural healing mechanism we’re all born with. It protects our body against an injury or invasion by a foreign substance. Damaged blood vessels constrict and your blood clots to keep you from bleeding too much. Yet in the surrounding area, blood flow actually increases to summon Immune cells ( Immune Response) and special chemicals to the area. These help keep intruders such as bacteria and viruses from invading the cut and causing even more harm. Repairing starts and damaged tissue scars over as new tissue is rebuilt from beneath.

Chronic inflammation

Once healed, the inflammatory process STOPS. With chronic inflammation, however, it never stops. And auto-immune and most diseases take hold of your health. Now healthy, living blood starts slowing down almost stagnating ( like filthy pools of non-moving water), no or little Oxygen reaches the cells ( as carried by the red blood cells) and we expect health to be maintained?? Oh NO!!!!! The wheel of ‘dis-ease’ starts turning and more often than not we end up going to the doctor getting meds to clear the SYMPTOM and NOT the CAUSE, almost leaving us worst for it. And then this just carries on, treating symptom after symptom since now the meds are adding to this misery…… So what caused all of this in the first place??? Well simply put most of the time it was lifestyle! YOU have to maintain this. NOT MEDS!!!! And then of course the usual ‘baddies’ SUGAR, toxic chemicals like heavy metals, insecticides, radiation, and SMOKING. Then oadd to this misery, modern day influencers like STRESS,  hormones overload from every angle and , and…  =  toxic overload!! So we wonder why the stats are so high on blood pressure, stroke and then heart attacks ( same origin = thick laden blood, not moving resulting in plaque, on the inside walls of your arteries, eventually restricting blood flow to and from the heart.) and more. It’s actually quite simple!!


Diabetes runs hand in hand with these 2 biggies; same origin, same problem! “Chronic inflammation is being shown to be increasingly involved in the onset and development of several pathological disturbances such as arteriosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and even cancer.”

Obesity & other diseases

“In obesity, there are higher circulating concentrations of inflammatory cytokines than in lean beings, and it is believed they play a role in causing insulin resistance.” Not only is obesity known to be a major contributing factor in diabetes, but research now associates both diabetes and obesity with increased inflammation. Multiple studies in both animal and human models associate inflammation with the development of cancer. A 2010 study published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience found a connection between inflammation and depression.  Since the late 1980s, multiple studies hinted that chronic inflammation found in Alzheimer’s patients speeds up the disease process, and may even trigger it. Evidence exists suggesting chronic inflammation may trigger or worsen autoimmune diseases, autism, neuropathy, celiac disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, food allergies, and more! “It could be speculated that suppression of the vicious cycle of malnutrition, inflammation, and atherosclerosis (MIA syndrome) would improve survival in dialysis patients.”  “University of Illinois researchers were studying the effect inflammation had on people during extended periods of illness, such as systemic infections, cancer, or autoimmune diseases. They discovered the body’s natural inflammatory response actually signals the brain to cause sickness behaviours, like nausea, food avoidance, social disinterest, memory loss, and fragmented sleep.”

How much more proof do you really need?? So what are we saying …….You will have to choose to completely turn your health around! It’s YOUR choice!!! It is worth it since you will start to experience better sleep (crucial for immune health); less gut issues; increased energy, less pain, weight-loss, reduced stress …and much, much more!

Imsyser to the rescue

Let Imsyser help you not only make this choice ( mere motivation on the above!!) but also assist in the process of promoting a gentle detox to assist in this process of ‘detoxing’: Step1: 7 day ( if need be a few cleanses may and should be taken to the extent where you see no more gut plaque exists within you ‘excretions’) Deep Intestinal Cleanse. ALL AGES may use this product. 100 % Natural. This type of cleansing might be assisted with seasonal parasite cleanses and liver flushes as per the Imsyser website Step 2: Daily use of probiotics. Imsyser has a 12 STRAIN liquid Probiotic enough for the whole family. Uniquely designed to support optimal gut health. Not affected by stomach. NO refrigeration needed. 500 ml enough for the whole family, daily. 100 % Natural. Step 3: Immune optimisation with the Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser tablets. For all ages. 100 % Natural, energy booster, stabilising the immune activity all day long. 3 simple steps to help you. The rest is lifestyle choices, daily. Good water. Exercise. Good nutrition. Rest. Good healthy thoughts. It’s that simple. Call Imsyser 086 010 3859 or visit for more.

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