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Inflammation And Our Body’s Response

Inflammation is always the root cause of most degenerative diseases.  Our bodies have the inborn ability to heal themselves using this inflammatory response as part of the survival mechanism. When we interfere in this natural balance on any level be it physical, emotional or other we create an imbalance and sabotage this process. Inflammation then becomes the enemy and a potential killer of well-being and health.

In this situation the inflammatory response now becomes uncontrolled, excessive and chronic, it is now labelled ‘auto-immune’.

This chronic inflammatory process does not mimic normal inflammation protecting the body but actually attacking its own. When chronic like this the body remains tired and lacks energy leading eventually to disease: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, heart Disease, Obesity Depression, various Brain discrepancies , Allergies, Arthritis, IBS and more…

The cause for these: unhealthy foods and lifestyle choices. Nutritional deficiencies being the end result. Food should be our MEDICINE: Superfoods, Healthy Fats & Whole Foods. Then start by healing the intestines:

  1. Deep Cleanse the Gut (IMSYSER Deep Intestinal Cleanse a 7 Day Detox)
  2. Restore the Microbial Balance(IMSYSER 12 Strain Liquid Pre&Probitotic)

And once all of this is none and nutritional supplements are required to establish ongoing health,

  1. (IMSYSER Immune Stabiliser Tablets)

We at the Imsyser offices understand immune discrepancies and this unique range of products were developed way ahead of its time in this regard. Remember it is also about lifestyle, therefore don’t forget to sleep enough, exercise, get enough sunshine and drink enough Good Water. It’s about balance always!!!

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