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Imsyser Word on Micro-organisms…

Doctors wash there hands in hot water then cold a few times before operations for the following       reasons:

1. Micro organisms cannot withstand the sudden hot/cold temperatures.

2. Infections were very high in the old days before a certain doctor discovered this consept; he was    playing with an osciloscope counting atoms,cations and anions.

3. Alternative Centres across the world learned that more than that, the hot water opens up the pores on the uppermost skin whilst the inner skin’s pores close up because its to hot on the outermost skin and this closing up of innerskin prevents too much blood circulation to outer skin. Thus doing hot cold repeatedly for 30c to 1 min; hot then 3 min cold, opens closed pores causing a massive amount of blood flow to the intra-dermis. Blood circulation of the intradermis with this hot/cold treatment kills microbes by the millions. This concept also is similating a fewer.

Once the body have has an intruder the glandular system develops a fewer where blood starts moving faster due to the warmer body temperatures in combination of white blood cells more than doubling up. i.o.w. cells have a call up instruction( immune system) and can get to the enemy much faster.

At the same time the whole process also cause much more oxygen at intracellular level and thus no bad bug can survive in this oxygen rich environment.

The old belief that one will get a cold in the warm/hot shower is completely rejected by proofs of just the opposite. A draft on ones neck for instance can cause a stiffened muscle but is not the cause of a common cold. Colds or flu is just a symptom of a weakened immune system. A virus comes from the atmosphere.

So it was accepted by doctors in all alternative centres across the world as well as MD’s to make use of either cleaning hands before operations and to improve immune system functioning and thereby assisting the transformer glands to help remove toxins from the glandular system, improve blood flow, improve circulation, improve white blood cells production( CD 4 counts improve) as well as fighter cells. Oxygen uptake improves, dumping of toxins results through the kidneys and the skin.

Also interesting to know that the Optimum Nutritional Centre of Patrick Holford proved that alternative medicine’s success is random 18.14% versus 0.033 of western chemical-rich drugs.

The biggest 3 serial killers is the cigarette industry; 2nd is mistakes by doctors in hospitals and 3rd’ly, Western medicine.

Alternative medicine ranks very last on the list  of all killers.


Chemo and radiation’s success by the orthodox crowd’s success is 1 to 3% were alternative methods by dr’s Max Gherson, Bernard Jenson, Troy Bollinger ,Carry Reams, Prof Willem Serfontein, Scott Mumby, Dr Sugar and many more,success ranges from 40% to as high as 90% .

But off course this was hidden from the western society and made off as hogus pogus by mainly Pharma big. And to put the cherry on the cake God warned us of this in His word: In the latter days my people will perish because of wichcraft and fornication.

Witchcraft translated from greek to english is Pharmakeia…meening the construction of chemicals. He warned us to stay away from chemmicals 2000 years back. And He said I’ll give you the leaves of the trees as medicine and the fruit as meat. The people that live thereby like Sharmans and gurus and the Tibetian have none of the westerns diseases. Gods people are dying -79 million per year and diabetes 360 million last year.

Man makes the reflection of God really look bad and he medical profession cannot cure 80% of disease nor the church.

Imsyser reveals to the world that there is a 3d aspect to overall health..self-maintenance and prevention that makes alternative methods a hundred times more successful than medicine.

The medical profession’s role in emergency and trauma is very needed and we need them but not to reverse disease. They can’t they just treat the symptom were alternative medicine finds and treats the cause.

Regards Imsyser

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