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Imsyser Versus Antiviral Treatment of HIV

Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser Tablet is a 100% natural product, completely unique in its design and specifically designed to support Auto-Immune conditions, with no known side-effects. Auto –Immune diseases are the diseases of the moment with over 4000 and growing in the past years. Irrelevant if the cause is known or not, auto-immune relates to the body’s need to detox and get rid of the excessive waste in the cells. We are living in a time of complete TOXIC OVERLOAD. It also enhances the Immune System, helps slow down virus production, may reduce viral load, helps suppress the spread of viruses from affected cells to healthy ones, and increases the chance of survival for the infected cells.

Anti-retroviral treatment impairs one’s quality of life due to unpleasant and harmful side effects, including impotence and loss of eye sight which is very seldom mentioned!! These drugs may prolong life, but damage the immune-hosting cells that are needed for the correct functioning of the Immune System. Many anti-retroviral drugs cannot distinguish the difference between healthy and infected cells, thus they simply destroy both, as with most cancer treatments. This results in severe side effects that are caused by damage to the Immune System. All in all the negative of using these drugs cannot be over-stipulated. And that is not only talking about the auto-immune conditions that set in once anti-retroviral are used in conjunction with normal Immune boosters as has been the case for years:  massive weight gain, thrush, skin rashes and more. Imsyser has the answer, and in ongoing trials when used in conjunction with a daily dose of Colloidal Silver are producing amazing results, not only in HIV but cancers and various other health conditions.


Imsyser is a 100% natural product that contains no preservatives or stimulants, such as alcohol or caffeine.

Imsyser is safe for use in adults, children and pregnant women.

Imsyser can be used without any other medication.

Imsyser has been declared safe for human consumption.Stabe-Imsyser


Although Imsyser has no known side effects, a slight headache might occur during the first couple of days due to

the detoxification of the body. If this occurs, it may be helpful to take only half the prescribed dose for the first three

days and then resume with the normal dose.

Due to the high kilojoule value, sleeplessness may occur, in which case make sure if the daily dose is split that the final dose is taken no later than 15h00. Otherwise you should sleep better than usual.

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  1. I just want to try Imsyser and see the results, I do have it since 2020 but I never used it because I was very sick and I used what the doctor gave me


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