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An Imsyser Testimony. Dear Dianne. Already the community grapevine is buzzing like crazy with speculation of what kind of “jet fuel” both of us are on lately after observing us training, even though, the only roadwork we do, usually occur very early in the mornings between 3 & 5 o-clock am.

Also attached please see what a, lovingly done, fruit, veg. & medicine permaculture-garden can look like! It’s our backyard in Jozini, by the way, and I’m sure you’ll recognise the diligent, proud gardener. Thanks in advance.

Ps.:-  My weight’s now up  at 78 kg’s, fast approaching 80 and beyond and as it keeps increasing, so once again does my resemblance to “Arny”, a very fit person, despite my age of 52. Our current training program includes the following twice weekly without fail, with every 5th week off. The training is over and above our normal day’s activities, which are mostly physically demanding. :-

1.) 3:00 am, warm up’s; 3:45 am – 4:30 am 10-15 km road run in the Jozini hills, quite reminiscent of Durban hills, during which we both complete 1-3, 2.4 km sprints every 2nd week; 4:30- 5:00 am, cooling off exercises. At 5:00 am, the day begins.

2.) Same day 4:00-5:30 pm, gym; 5:30-6:30 pm karate.

The above regime is strictly adhered to, except in case of injury or disease, both of which neither of us has experienced in at least 6 month’s despite the fact of our age and HIV + statuses and you well know our bad health condition at the end of Feb. 2016 this year, especially mine! Need I remind you of my 49 kg. skinny ass suffering from twice, thrice daily allergy attacks as my immune system threatened to cause my imminent demise. I should think not. Once again thank you very much for an absolutely great product and you!


Kind regards.


Nic & Linda KZN.

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